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Creativity is not a will-o-the-wisp muse that visits erratically
Instead, Inspiration is a flower that requires pruning, tending, affection…
- American dance critic Erin Bomboy

Nambi temple, Tirukurungudi

I started writing this month’s musings from the calm environs of my ancestral home in the small village of Tirukurungudi, deep into the heart of Tamilnadu. When softened by the clean air, misty mountains and gorgeous architecture, it is easy to smile at the world. And perhaps I too need to smile, after a month of furious accusations, historic bans and the Carnatic music/dance world aflame with sexual accusations and festival cancellations.
I needed to exhale and the NAMBI Temple deep in the heart of Tamilnadu provided the perfect setting. .

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Kathak Utsav: Showcasing of Kathak in Imphal

Shishira Chhanda Festival

Festival of Kathak duets

Inclusive Debadhara

Nityananda: The one-legged miracle dancer

Links to articles & Responses from artistes

Dream and iconoclasm

When Kerala connected Kolkata

Delving tradition, deconstructing Ramayana

The political spectra

Birthday wishes
Kalamandalam Suganthy (Mohiniattam): Dec 2
Dr. Sunil Kothari (scholar): Dec 20
Yamini Krishnamurthy (BN): Dec 20
Ratikant Mohapatra (Odissi): Dec 24
Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan (scholar): Dec 25
Rhadha (BN): Dec 31

"While dancing, don’t just breathe in air, but breathe in the ‘space’ around you…through every pore…may make your dance fuller, expansive and reach far beyond one’s tiny self…as though the entire space around you, dances within you. Dance space!"
- Aditi Mangaldas

Nambi temple, Thirukurungudi, Tamilnadu
Photo: Anita Ratnam

Sangai Festival is an annual festival organized by Manipur Tourism Dept.

from 21-30 November every year
Photos courtesy: Sinam Basu Singh

an exhibition on the design aesthetic celebrating 40 years of Ananda Shankar Jayant's Shankarananda Kalakshetra, at Kalakriti Gallery, Hyderabad, in November 2018.
Photos: G Murali

Dhimahi - Dynamic Meditations on Laya
Conceptualized by Chithra Muralidaran and Madurai R Muralidaran
At Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai, on November 23, 24, 25, 2018

Season schedule

Taneira presents Andal
By The Bhakti Collective

Dec 15, 2018 Mumbai

Mahagami presents

Dec 15-17, 2018 Aurangabad

Kartik Fine Arts presents
Natya Darshan 2018

Dec 15 - 23, 2018 Chennai

Sri Krishna Gana Sabha presents Aneka
38th Natya Kala Conference
Convened by Dr. Srinidhi Chidambaram

Dec 26-30, 2018 Chennai

Agal's tribute to Balasaraswati
- Kalpana Ram

Redefining dance forms
- Dora Ruzic

Chitra Katha: A picture and a narrative
- Satish Suri

Dancers dazzle at Swami Haridas Sammelan
- Vijay Shanker

Book extract: The Undoing Dance 
- Srividya Natarajan

The ballet Bayadere - 'Temple Dancer' - a favourite among ballet-goers since 1877
- Rajika Puri

Celebrating Balarama, the royal elephant
- G Ulaganathan

How a dancer transforms: Streevesham dancer Abdul Khalid
- Shveta Arora

Guru Banamali Maharana and Odissi music-Inseparable
- Ratikant Mohapatra

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