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 Dear all,
As far as the IFAS competition is concerned I was not the only judge and so it is not right for me to disclose the parameters on which we based our judgement in this column.It was a team judgement where all of us had detailed discussions about each competitor and then arrived at the results based on the marks each one had scored on the different parameters, and so I have no right to disclose certain facts in this particular column without the consent of the other judges. Moreover I feel this column is not the place to discuss the competition or its results.The Sabha had given us the responsibility of judging and we have done our job to the best of our knowledge without any of the factors that you had mentioned in your response in mind.In fact these factors that you have mentioned did not even cross my mind, when we were making our judgements till I read your mail.
Also why a certain candidate did not win and why a certain other candidate won is not for rasikas like you in the audience to ask me.We have been given the responsibility of judging the competition and we have done our job to the best of our abilities and true to our conscience.If you do not want to respect the judgement given by the judges and question the credibility of it then why have them at all.The results can be decided by opinion polls conducted on the audience present isn't it?
I hope I have cleared your doubts and request you not to bring the competition on this forum again and any further opinions can be discussed with me personally thro my email.Thanks
Roja Kannan


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