Lyrics and meaning of Sarasijakshulu shabdam

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Sarasi Jakshulu= Lotus eyed girls
Jalakamaade= while taking bath
Taruanmuna neevu = exactly at that time Achhatikijani=You come
Sariga Cheeralu= silk beautiful saris.
Mella chaikoni= slowly stealing them
taruvu nekki= climbing on the tree
Itu chusutunduta= watching us like this
dharmama?= Does this suit you?

Second Line

Utti midhanu= on the attique
petti unde= I had kept it
setti Palanu= the churned butter
atta kanukoni= you noticed that
kotti - you broke the pot
patti tagina= drank all my buttermile with your cupped hands
getti tanamu= being shrewd or mischivious
idi kaddayya= Do you think you have done a very wise thing?

third line

Alla Lakshmi= The great goddess lakshmi
Vallabhudavai= being husband of
Tolli Alare= you are playing pranks
Repalla= small village
lopala= in
Golla bhamalu= the shepherd ladies (gopikas)
kooditivi = you are harrassing
adi chellu nikki idi chelluna= Do you think that suits you?

Fourth Line

Ilanu = this way
ninu= you
madi talachi= my heart pines for you
choodaga= and want to see you always
nalugurunu= all the people
ninnu= at you
navuturunu chunu= laughing and joking about you
Lalita malayalamula= beauting mountain
daagina= you hide your self
bhali bhali RE= Hail to you
Sri padamanabha= O lord Vishnu
namostute= I bow down to you, or I salute you.


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