Dear Artiste                          
Meet Antara, a dedicated PR Platform (from the house of Aalaap) solely and wholly for Indian performing arts and artistes across India, and abroad. As an independent entity, Antara will closely, consciously, collaboratively work with artistes to create unique, engaging, exciting, and innovative publicity and promotions solutions.

Antara is a dynamic platform; itís a platform with possibilities, aplenty; itís a constant work-in-progressÖ With every engagement, Antara will explore and discover, unravel and unfold, create and share, package and present the arts, its content, its makers, its process, its meanings, its relevance, in ways that are sensitive and significant.
If youíd like your art to be seen, and heard among people and platforms that matter, write to us at / / and we will reach out to you, instantly.

Itís always amazing to embark on a new journey; hopefully, you, our co-travellers, will make it memorable!

Akhila Krishnamurthy

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