Diploma in Movement Arts & Mixed Media
Auditions for Batch 2017
April 23, 2017 Bangalore

Attakkalari’s flagship program has started accepting students for the next batch beginning September 2017. The first batch of second year program will successfully graduate in August this year. As a two year program, the diploma still stands apart in Movement Arts Education in the country which offers professional and comprehensive training in a variety of movement art forms along with sessions on choreography, dance pedagogy, interdisciplinary dance-making, student-led projects, research, writing and practical assignments that would give the students hands-on experience and exposure to the professional world of dance.

The Auditions have already begun in Bengaluru and in other cities.

The next audition in Bengaluru is on the 23rd April at Attakkalari Studios.
To register for an audition or to know about future auditions:

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