Ganesa Natyalaya celebrates
Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan's 80th birthday
With Nitya Akhanda Nrityam
September 23, 2017 New Delhi
Apply for solo-duet-group

Ganesa Natyalaya will be arranging a day long festival (over 24 hours) of non-stop performances of Bharatanatyam margam, compositions and dance productions to celebrate Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan’s 80th birthday! The event is named NITYA AKHANDA NRITYAM.
The performances would be held at Ganesa Natyalaya premises and would commence from 10am on September 23, 2017, and will carry on non-stop over the day and right through the night till the next morning.
The occasion would give various groups from around the country and the world, chance to perform and interact with each other to create a stronger rapport within the Bharatanatyam fraternity. Certificates will be given to all the participants.
In a simple format we request details of the main artiste and in case of a group production, details of the accompanying artistes as well. Revert in confirmation of your interest to perform at the event. Please also note that the performances would be under 3 categories, the duration for which would be as follows:

- Solo: 15minutes
(Preference would be given to senior Gurus and professional dancers)
- Duet / Trio: 20 minutes (first preference would be given to the young professionals)
- Group: 30 minutes (group should be minimum five and not exceeding eight dancers)
Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest.
Warm regards,
Rama Vaidyanathan
With staff and students of Ganesa Natyalaya

Contact: (011) - 26862995/26567397 /