New session from July 9, 2017

Admission forms for the gurukul session will be available from 15 June 2017 between 10am to 6pm on working days.

New session will start from 9 July 2017 (Guru Poornima).
New admission seekers can register for Padarpan orientation workshop that will be conducted on 16-17 June / 23-24 June (6-8pm).

Auditions will be conducted after Padarpan and selected shishyas can complete admission procedure at Mahagami office.
Age group for admission seekers - 5 to 50 years
Dance enthusiasts of age 5 to 50 years are eligible to apply for admission at Mahagami. Residential facility for shishyas above 18 years age is available.
For further information, please contact Mahagami office at: 
9372093189 or (0240) - 6421054 (Ext 31,33)

Mahatma Gandhi Mission Sangeet Academy, Aurangabad 431003