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Standing at the platform where MK GANDHI was
thrown off the train in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Anita says.....

September 1, 2018

Being very good will not change the world
Excellence will
- Usain Bolt, Olympic athlete

Cheers from Durban!

With seasons and hemispheres upturned, our faithful #TEAMSITA spent a full week in this historic South African city. Replete with references to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, we had a chance to visit many of the sites that triggered my country's independence movement and influenced South Africa's destiny.

With 1 million Indians making up 25% of the city's demographic, I saw Indians everywhere! Dressed in saris even as I exited the airport, silks, shiny crystal dipped georgettes, bling shoes, hair in various tiers of curls and clips- I had to look around to confirm that I had actually left T Nagar!

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Fluent, fragrant, flamboyant

Obeisance to an icon

A Kathak-Bharatanatyam jugalbandi

Love is like a red, red rose

"#TimesUp", and it is your time now: Why the dance world needs to think about "#MeToo"

Celebrating hundred years of Guru Bipin Singh's Manipuri Nartanalaya

Reaching for the skies prematurely

8th edition of Parampara Dance and Music Festival

Birthday wishes
Jitendra Maharaj (Kathak): Sept 9

Kumkum Mohanty (Odissi): Sept 10

Rajika Puri (Odissi): Sept 14

Alarmel Valli (BN): Sept 14

Jhelum Paranjape (Odissi): Sept 24

Ananda Shankar Jayant (BN): Sept 27
Your concerns should extend beyond the rehearsal space and stage. A dancer should keep asking questions about art and life to develop a wider perspective.
- Akram Khan
(‘I will miss being in the spotlight, says Akram Khan’ by Chitra Swaminathan, The Hindu Fri Review, May 25, 2018)

Each time I browse I find something or the other new to learn. Narthaki is an online encyclopedia where knowledge is the prime focus.
- Patruni Chidananda Sastry 

Cartoon strip by Sahana Sundar
, disciple of Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant

Nataraja, Sketch by Vishnu, disciple of Dr.Ananda Shankar Jayant

Dr. Anita Ratnam presented Parankusa Nayaki NAMMAZHWAR for 'PaPaPa - Nayaki'
Organized by SriPaadham Academy of Dance
At: Sri Krishna Gana Sabha on August 15, 2018 Chennai

Anita Ratnam presented A MILLION SITAS on August 30 & 31, 2018 at Durban, S Africa, for the annual JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience

Madhu Nataraj has choreographed 3 video montages for the eponymous design brand- Aranyani

Anita Ratnam presents A Million Sitas
Aug 30 & 31, S Africa
Sept 8 - 29, USA

Samved Society for Performing Arts presents Bhavanjali, 70th birth anniversary of Pt Durgalal
Sept 9 & 27, Mumbai

The Attakkalari Dance Company presents Bhinna Vinyasa
Sept 14 - Oct 6, 2018 Canada & Spain

Jayantika-Mayadhar Raut School of Odissi Dance presents Mamta Raut Dance Festival
Sept 21 - 23, 2018

Pickle Factory Weekends presents
The Free Male negotiating the female in dance

Sept 28-30, 2018 Kolkata

Natya Dance Theatre presents
Anita Ratnam's A Million Sitas

Sept 29, 2018 River Forest, IL

Guru Shradha's 10th anniversary
Kelucharan Keerti Sampradaya Festival 2018

Sept 29, 2018 Woodside, CA

50 years of Bharata Kalanjali
Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Auditorium

Oct 2, 2018 Chennai

Natyanjali Trust presents
Nartaka Festival on Oct 4 & 5
Natya Utsav on Oct 6 & 7

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai

Kala Pradarshini presents
Ghantasala 96

Oct 5, 2018 Chennai

Nartanam presents Nartanam Conclave - Seminar & performances
Oct 5-8, 2018 Hyderabad

Tridhara presents Ekaika
Odissi by Chisato Miura

Oct 8, 2018 Nagoya, Japan

Kalasagara UK presents
Tat Tvam Asi

Oct 21 & 28, 2018 Freemont & NYC

'Naadanta' by Nritya Kalangan and Jalsa Chandra Performing Troupe
- Nita Vidyarthi

Trishanku by Rachna Yadav
- Kasturika Mishra

William Shakespeare through Kathakali
- Madhuja Mukhopadhyay

When the dialogue became a discourse
- Anand Nandi

Watch dance, it will give you joy: Dr. Sunil Kothari's life in dance
- Shveta Arora

Mehfils of today and yesteryears
- Kasturika Mishra

Prathibha Pradarshan
- Chandra Anand

OMC Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Award Festival 2018
- Lalitha Venkat

Bharata Nāṭyabodhini
- Arjun Bharadwaj

A Dancer Looks Back - 45 Years in India: Photographic Exhibition
-  Sharon Lowen

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