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May 1, 2018

Practice like you have never won
Perform like you have never lost

April arrived and departed in a blaze of dance events. Even with the mercury touching 45 degrees in some parts of India, hundreds of dancers were marking WORLD DANCE DAY- April 29th - with endless performances and dance-centric events.

Certainly, this day could not have been dreamed up by anyone in Asia!

For this performer, just rehearsing daily became difficult in my semi open air studio, with face and limbs soaked in perspiration even as early at 7.30am!

Still, the experience of recollecting and reviving 3 early dance compositions of my guru Adyar K Lakshman and the original creative team of musicians Madurai Sethuraman, Madurai N Krishnan and genius percussionist Trichur Ramanathan, was a sweet ride down memory lane - albeit slippery with sweat!

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Dancing on rivers

Original way of looking at group Bharatanatyam

Dancing for oneself

Masks marking obscurantism

Masquerade of grandiose dreams

Is classical dance changing guard?

Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company’s 10X10 bound by a single conceptual thread

Zohra Segal Arts Festival

Natya Vriksha celebrates World Dance Day

Nimitta: Shila Mehta explores new theme in Kathak

NCPA's signature Mudra Dance Festival

Kailasanatha temple, Kanchipuram
Photo: Lalitha Venkat

"Great poetry and great music do not make great dance. Dance is the ability to make music visual."
- Alarmel Valli (at Thennangur camp 2018)

Narthaki is most widely known and popular among performers and artists and helps us to connect to each other across the globe.
-Pallavi Basak, UK
Birthday wishes
Parassini Kunhiraman Nair (Kathakali): May 3
Leela Samson:  May 6
Mallika Sarabhai: May 8
Kumudini Lakhia: May 17
Ramli Ibrahim: May 20
Anita Ratnam: May 21
Revathi Ramachandran: May 21
CV Chandrasekhar: May 22
Pratap Pawar: May 22
Manjari Sinha: May 22
Kalamandalam Gopi: May 25

Sand sculpture
Tribute to German choreographer PINA BAUSCH By PEDRO MIDA, LISBON PORTUGAL

Comic strip by Anusha Namburi, disciple of Ananda Shankar Jayant

Navarasa Sadhana: A system of acting methodology for actors and dancers
- G. Venu

Kathak dancer Shivani Varma on the concept of a production
- Shveta Arora

Reading the language of theatre
- Dr. S D Desai

Rani Karnaa
- Dr. Sunil Kothari

Is anybody concerned?
- Ileana Citaristi

Sarita Mishra’s exquisite Odissi 
- Prabal Gupta

The Pickle Factory Season 1
- Riti Sharma

Hori ke Rang
- Anupma Harshal

Bragha Bessel: A golden milestone of a dance journey
- Satish Suri

Nritya Dhara: A platform for young talents
- Shilpi Aggarwal

A myriad emotions 
- Poornima Mathilakath

Exploring the grandeur of Kathak
- Satish Suri

Romancing the Lord

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