Simplicity sans glitz has Meera walking into every heart

Of Nattuvanars, Chinna Melam and the past to the present

Mother and daughter or daughter and mother?
- Aniruddha Knight

7th edition of Nrityantar’s Naman Odissi Dance Festival

Paris diary:
Milena Salvini, Centre Mandapa, and Shantala Shivalingappa

Strength training for dancers
- Jyotsna John

Health Recipes 4: Quinoa stir fry wrap
- Uma Pushpanathan


"Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable."
- George Bernard Shaw

Anita says.....


Returning to the rehearsal space after a full year's hiatus has been a milestone. A healthier body, a calmer mind and a spirit revived by months of watching, reflecting, reading, walking, sailing, trekking and dining in far away cities, small towns and villages has rebooted my body and soul. I needed to take this break after 26 years of non-stop creating, performing, producing, speaking, convening, curating and mentoring. (In saying this, I realize that the time between age 5 and 21 that was spent in the dance class and a thriving performance career until age 21 is not being included in this discussion. I am only counting the years since my return from the USA in 1990). What if I said that NOT DANCING for 12 months has made me fitter, healthier and more energetic than ever!  Don't raise those eyebrows!

The time was spent analyzing my body and limbs - internal and external, immersing myself in yoga intensives and other cross training programmes, long periods of total silence and a 24/7 health regime that was very difficult to sustain with the constant pressure of daily dancing.

It was a RELIEF not to worry about putting on makeup, managing the pressures of producing and performing simultaneously and instead, concentrating on observing and assessing the world I had chosen to inhabit. Even writing this monthly column required a conscious tug back into the issues and events that unfolded in the dance world.

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Krishna Bharatham fest by Natyarangam

- Radhika Vairavelan & Uttiya Barua / Dr Sudha Seshayyan / on Alwars

- BK Shafeekudeen & Shabana / Dr Pappu Venugopala Rao / on Geeta Govindam

To support Indian handlooms and pay tribute to weavers, and to give the clear and loud message that fashion is diverse and inclusive of all genders, Lakme Fashion Week collaborated with the International Arts & Cultural Foundation headed by Srivatsa Shandilya organiser of “Transgender Art Festival” in Bangalore, to celebrate the National Handloom Day on  August 7, 2016.

Birthday wishes

Avinash Pasricha: Aug 2

Navtej Johar (Bharatanatyam): Aug 8

Vyjayanthimala Bali (Bharatanatyam): Aug 13

Kalamandalam Vasu Pisharody (Kathakali) - Aug 15

Rajee Narayan (BN): Aug 19

Ramaa Bharadvaj (Bharatanatyam): Aug 25
Moovarkoil, Kodumbalur, Pudukkotai dist, Tamilnadu
Photo: Anantha Krishnan

Malavika Sarukkai presents
Vamatara - To the Light

Sep 2, 2016 Bangalore
Sep 16, 2016 Delhi

Rhythmosaic-Sengupta Dance Company - Tour of Sweden
Sep 8 - 10, 2016 Karlstad
Sep 12 - 14, 2016 Stockholm

Art Vision presents
12th Sangam Festival
Sep 13, 2016 Bhubaneswar

Kuchipudi Parampara Foundation presents Natya Parampara Utsav-2016
Oct 21, 2016 Bangalore

Sharmila Biswas: Antar Yatra has helped me to evolve
- Kathakali Jana

Rajashri Praharaj: Story of an upcoming Odissi dancer
- Tapati Chowdurie

The curious case of the Bharatanatyam mentor
- Jitinder Krishna

Dhepa Dhol / Dhepa Dhulia dance
- Meenakshi Medhi

Sankalpa 2016 by Nrittyoday
- Nita Vidyarthi

Krishna Bharatham
- Lalitha Venkat

Month long workshop on classical dances
- Jintu Sarma

Prakruti Dhwani by Anantara
- Padma Jayaraj

Wings of Fire - Ignition Stage One!
- Harish Jayanth and Sumant Nemmani

Seminar on Guru Shishya Parampara at Mulam Festival
- Apoorva Sameer Rao

Performances at Mulam Festival
- Dr. Rama V. Bennur

The wonderment of Ramayana by Academy of Bharatanatyam
- Satish Suri

When smaranam becomes a thematic narrative
- Anita Vallabh

Captivating recitals by Sivasri Skandaprasad and Tanya Saxena
- A. Boothalingam

Graceful recital by Smrithi Chanjeevaram
- A. Boothalingam

Shakespearean comedy takes on Nautanki  hues               
- S.D. Desai

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