Response to 
The Sangeet Natak Akademi undergoes the rites of passage
- Shanta Serbjeet Singh, New Delhi   

July 3, 2009

Dear Anita-ji,
Thank you for providing some space for a critical eye. It was wonderful to see Shanta-ji's piece on the Delhi Imperial Raj and the cultural scene. I just have one comment to add. As a research scholar I had reviewed the Sangeet Natak Akademi as a pristine institution of patronage to the performing arts. Of course the multi-dimensional role of the institution did not only address the nuances of performances, transmission techniques but significantly the theoretical aspects of the study of performing arts along with the critical analyses that emerges with proper documentation and archival techniques of the arts.

Over the years unfortunately little attention has been given to the induction of individuals who have played an intellectual role in the performing arts. There is neither a Mohan Khokar, Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan or a Dr. Premlata Sharam. Unless there is a representation of a theoretical person in the committee, a critical view of developing a policy of the holistic aspects of performing arts will be significantly lacking. The recent committee is of course as Shanta-ji writes, a representation of a newer generation but where are the thinkers? Not one member of the new committee has that qualification. It is only the scholarly views that review documentation and archives among other things have and will be able to provide the complete tana bana of the weave of the dynamic range of performing arts many of which are languishing due to lack of proper attention, rewards and policy developments and execution.

Dr. Navina Jafa

July 1, 2009

Oh! Finally a readable, witty and intelligent writer, whose vast world experience and insights into the Delhi durbar scenes, will apprise and inform us of the Delhi we all love. And miss. Where were you all these years, Shanta-ji? Glad you are going to make time and keep us updated on news and views from Delhi and the shenanigans and stories that can only happen in a fulsome city like Delhi. I already feel at home!

- Ashish Mohan Khokar
Editor-Publisher, attendance

July 1, 2009

Dear Anita,
What wonderful news of our dear colleague /confrere, that the 'one and only Shanta Serbjeet Singh’ from the field of cultural commentators, writers, authors has started writing 'Base Notes' for!
I read her first column and was delighted that Shanta-ji would once again keep us enthralled with her inimitable style, critical comments on world events and culture in general!
I cannot wait to read her next installment.
Even when I am globetrotting, I do not have such information as she offers. Congratulations for having Shanta-ji to write this fortnightly column. 
We all in the Capital were missing her column and writing.  A big ‘Thank you' for bringing  her back to us, and her innumerable admirers world over through

- Dr Sunil Kothari