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Stop over: Amsterdam  
India and the World: The Performing Arts  
- Sunil Kothari 
Jan 4, 2009 

Dear Sunil bhai, 
Your Amsterdam conference coverage in, especially the details of Joep Bor's presentation of the five Devadasi dancers touring Europe in 1838-1839 were indeed amazing. 

I have been attending these IMS and ITC-SRA conferences held at the NCPA regularly, so I could instantly co-relate to the background you have given about the conference.  This year also I shall be attending both; the Indian Musicological Society session on 9th Jan and the ITC-SRA seminar on 10th and 11th Jan at the NCPA, Mumbai. And I look forward to seeing Prof Joep Bor. 

It was nice to see sitar maestro Pandit Arvind Parikh in Western outfit for a change. You look your vibrant self in the photos. 
Manjari Sinha