Responses to 
Remembering the one and only Shanta Rao 
- Sunil Kothari 
May 21, 2009 

Dear Sunilbhai 

Thank you for this. Your tribute is important because (a) Shanta's passing has gone largely unnoticed by a nation to which she gave so much and  therefore every bit counts and (b) it comes from you, whom Shanta would often say did not appreciate her!  Your sentiments are important to all of us who Shanta illumined with her life and work. 

Efforts have indeed been made of the kind you suggest rightly as needed, and so far they have had little response. One reason is that I am so far from Bangalore, and despite several trips there for this purpose out of scarce resources, I still have little to show. Shanta would not have tolerated these excuses. More later on efforts, past and current. 

With my regards 
Ashoke Chatterjee
May 20, 2009 

Dear Sunil Bhai, 

Your article on 'One and Only Shanta Rao' in your column in, brought the precious memory alive when I had the proud privilege to watch her perform at the Kamani auditorium decades ago. I could know so much more about this legendary dancer from your article. 

I totally endorse your campaign. The Karnataka govt must do something to restore her property and theatre. It is a place of pilgrimage for dance lovers like us. 

Warm regards, 
Manjari Sinha