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Delicious snack packs that do your waistline justice
- Sathya Nagaraj

June 20, 2017

Hi, Foodies!

Hope you have seen some slow and steady improvements to your health and wellbeing following the last couple blogs. If you are diligent with the morning smoothie and lunch recommendations, you should be feeling a real difference by now. The simple truth is when your body goes into ketosis, the fat has no option but to melt, and you will invariably end up feeling lighter. Track your progress and you will motivate yourself to remain committed to your lifestyle changes.

Please remember not to exceed 50 grams of Carbs a day until you see real results.

Many of you requested I post the ingredients of my morning smoothie. Here they are:

Green Smoothie

Almond Milk

Chia Seeds

Psylium Husk

Protein Powder

Cut Greens

For a change from the regular smoothie, here is a Sunday Musk Melon smoothie you would love.

Musk Melon Smoothie

1 glass of alternative milk (almond or coconut are my favourites)
1 spoon of chia seeds (soaked for hour in water)
medium musk melon diced
1 scoop of protein powder
Few ice cubes

Blend it for a minute in your blender and enjoy!

What can you snack on at tea time? Nuts, Eggs, Cheese, Berries, Olives, Avocados, Bacon, Yoghurt

Vegetable Crudites with Spicy cheese dip:
Cut the vegetables into batons.

For the dip:
1 cup low fat curd
4 cubes of Amul cheese grated
1 tspn of grated ginger
1 tspn of finely chopped celery
A dash of lemon juice
spoon of chilli powder
1 tspn of chopped parsley
Salt to taste

Just beat the curd & mix all ingredients thoroughly. This dip is ready and is finger licking good!

Have an early dinner. Include a clear soup or a scrumptious salad for dinner. Here is one of my favorite salads for the night.

White Pumpkin Raita

White pumpkin raita with coconut:
1 cup white pumpkin grated
cup curd
cup coconut ground with a green chilli and teaspoon cumin

Squeeze the water from the grated pumpkin. Beat the curd, add the ground coconut mixture, add the pumpkin and temper with mustard seed & broken urad dal.

My recommendation:
Around 6am:
A glass of warm water with a spoon of fresh lemon juice, chopped ginger, a pinch of Himalayan salt & teaspoon of honey.

Around 8am:
The Go Green smoothie.

Around 10am:
A glass of Herbal Tea with no sugar. If you must have a cup of coffee, then do so with no sugar. A handful of nuts serves as a good accompaniment.

Around 1.30pm:
Cauliflower Rice / Salad / Non veg or Veg curry.

Around 4pm:
Green Tea or butter milk. If you must have a cup of coffee or tea, then do so with no sugar. An egg or a cheese slice can be taken.

Around 7pm:
A big helping of clear soup or salad.

I'd love to hear feedback on your food diary - reach out to me to share progress stories/pictures.

Sathya Nagaraj is part of the scanner tribe, with many interests and no pressure to filter down to one. In her time, she has worn many hats - NGO founder, Summer camp co-director, travel agent, real estate entrepreneur and film producer happen to be a select few. However, a Chef and Mother would be her top picks. Having an educational background in Catering and Hotel Management and work experience with groups like The Taj, The Sheraton and Safir hotels, Sathya is well-equipped to design eating plans with meals that tantalise the taste buds. She has more recently embarked on a health kick and decided to take the driver's seat on controlling her health and body image.

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