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Dec 2000

When did you start to learn Bharatanatyam?
I started to learn at the age of four.

Your GURU...
At the time of my arangetram, my guru was Smt Rajalakshmi in Calcutta. Later in Bombay I learned from guru Govindraj Pillai, guru Mahalingam Pillai and guru Kalyansundaram Pillai.

Was it your interest in dance or you just joined the line?
At the age of four, it was not exactly a choice but my mother chose for me.

Who inspired you to take up dance as a career?
I am not able to pinpoint anyone person who inspired me, I think the Lord Nataraja had destined this career for me.

You have worked in films........!
I worked in two Hindi films and a dance number in a Tamil film.

You were Miss India........
I was chosen "Teen-Miss India" in 1970.

Now you you have taken up Interior Designing, are you a trained interior designer?
I basically feel that an aptitude and interest plus inclination is what is most important for interiors. You must have an eye for that; a degree may add the extra knowledge in a more technical way. I do not have any degree in Interior designing.

What do you enjoy more, dance or designing?
I have enjoyed every role and cannot specify any one of them as a preference. It is just that dance and interiors took a more prominent place because of the opportunities. Dance is my life and Interior is my passion.

Your first applause....
The first applause I received during my arangetram in Calcutta at the age of 7.

Vani Ganapathy
458, HMT Layout, Anand Nagar
Bangalore 560024
Ph: (080) - 3333993

( As told to Sapna Rangaswamy, Baroda )