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Guru U S Krishna Rao
- Mamata Niyogi-Nakra, Montreal

March 8, 2005

A great and brilliant guru, a father figure has passed away and we all are poorer for that. It is our loss and we mourn the fact that we will not have him in person among us. But how can Guruji's presence not be there always with us, in everything we try to do to carry on with the rich heritage and legacy he has bequeathed us, his students. I consider myself fortunate to have had Amma and Guruji as my teachers, mentors and guides in my service to the art of Bharata Natya.

I derive great solace from the fact that I was able to complete Shishu Sadhana, a child-friendly Bharata Natya repertoire, on time for his birthday on 31st December, 2004 and that he received the first copy of Shishu Sadhana at that time and was able to see the DVD in its entirety on the 9th January.

His blessings and warm appreciation, especially for this particular project, will always be a source of inspiration and encouragement for us.

May Guruji's soul rest in peace.

Mamata Niyogi-Nakra is the director of Kala Bharati, Montreal.