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Tribute to TS Parthasarathy and KS Mahadevan
- V P Dhananjayan, Chennai

October 24, 2006

The passing away of TS Parthasarathy, the walking encyclopedia of Bharatanaatyam and Carnatic music (an unparalleled scholar of rare acumen) is certainly a great loss to the country, especially Tamizhnaadu. His sudden demise was least expected. I have been a very close associate of TSP and we owe a great deal to him for our success in the field.

KS Mahadevan is another great scholar and friend of the musicians and Bharatanaatyam artistes. His unbiased comments and criticism enlightened the audience and performers alike. His valuable comments were always well taken by the artistes and he had no enemies whatsoever in the field. Such was his language of criticism and everyone respected him for his friendly and scholarly advice.

Whenever he met me either after a performance or lecture demonstration or casually at a wedding reception he would come to me to say boldly, "Dhananjayan, you should be our cultural minister. At least if you become an MP, you would take up the cause of artistes' welfare rather than animal welfare," indirectly hinting at my mentor Amma Rukmini Devi. I cannot let this go with him but want to share this comment with your readers.

He has given us rave reviews on our Bharatanaatyam performances, and unforgettable comments on our production 'Thyagaraaja Vaibhavam.'

We feel blessed to have seen his mortal remains and prostrate before the great soul. Long live KSM.

Bharatanatyam guru V P Dhananjayan sent this message from Orangeburg, USA, while on tour with 'Ekaantha Seetha'.