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Tangirala Raghu: composer and dance accompanist
- S Ramaswami

March 6, 2007

Tangirala Raghu, 61, a noted singer, composer and dance accompanist based in Mumbai passed away on February 7, 2007. Shri Raghu was known for his bhavaful accompaniment to many leading dancers in Mumbai in different styles including V Gayathri (Bharatanatyam), Ritha Devi (Odissi), Siri Rama (Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi), Radhika Haribhakti (Kuchipudi), Sumati Naidu (Kuchipudi) and for dancers of the Kuchipudi Kala Kendra. He composed music for many dance ballets including Tulsidas Ramayan, Parvati Kalyanam, Padmavati Kalyanam, and for many more dance items in all three styles. He also composed music for and sang for the world wide premiere of 'Buddha Charita' for the Mumbai-based Kanaka Sabha Performing Arts Centre in Hong Kong. He performed in many other countries including England, France and Mauritius.

T Raghu had sung in important dance festivals in many cities in India and had also worked with leading composers such as Vijay Raghav Rao. He was a recipient of the prestigious RAPA award as a singer in the advertising arena, and had lent his voice for the famous song 'Mile Sur Mera Tumhara' in Telugu and Kannada languages, and also for the popular 'Deshrag' for the noted dancer Mallika Sarabai in Kuchipudi style.

He was a full time employee of the Reserve Bank of India until his retirement a few years ago and yet found the time to pursue his deep interest in classical music and dance over the last three decades. He is survived by his wife Seshu, his son Sushir, his daughter Mahathi and son-in-law Vijayaprakash. Dancers and rasikas in Mumbai will miss him deeply.