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Visweswaran: A friend indeed
- The Dhananjayans from USA

July 5, 2007

It was indeed a rude shock to us when we received the news from Sanjay (our elder son in New York) that our beloved Visweswaran was no more. He passed away on June 28, 2007 at Chennai. Immediately we called Chitra Visweswaran to pay our condolences and express our deep felt grief. This sudden turn in life was not expected at all since it was a few days ago that we were chatting and cracking jokes during Anirudh's marriage.

We have always been very good friends enjoying each others company, and exchanged and shared our day to day news and anecdotes. Visweswaran had a tremendous sense of humour and even when he was suffering, he welcomed his friends with warm affection and comradely spirit. No doubt he was a strong pillar of support to Chitra not only in life but also on stage.

We always had a special place for this unique couple in our hearts and we could openly discuss even confidential matters concerning our profession. Hats off to Chitra for her total dedication to a family life combined with total commitment to her chosen profession. We always wondered how she attended to all needs of a joint family life, taking care of her parents, parents-in-law, husband, and mentally challenged brother and looking after the welfare of her dedicated disciples as well as her dance career.

Visweswaran has composed some beautiful musical pieces which he always shared with us. He will be remembered by all of his true friends, for his human attributes, apart from his musical prowess.

We wish we had been there to console Chitra at this sorrowful moment. Though not physically present, our prayers are with her. Let the almighty give her the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss.

Bharatanatyam gurus VP Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan are the directors of Bharata Kalaanjali, Chennai.