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Sundari Santhanam
- Nirupama Rajendra, Bangalore
Pics courtesy: Nirupama Rajendra

August 27, 2009

The person who exposed me to the most beautiful world of Natya Shastra Karanas passed away on 24th August 2009. My guru, dearest Sundari akka, is no more.

Every time I talked to her, she revealed an indomitable spirit. I was amazed by her devotion and dedication to dance. She was called A WOMAN MADE OF IRON by her doctors as she boldly fought every complication her body gave her. Sundari akka has left a deep impact on us as a perfect example of inner strength and will power.

She was an ardent disciple of Guru Padma Subrahmanyam. The kind of reverence, love and regard she had for her guru is something rare in this world. She used to diligently practice the Karanas every day!

As a teacher, she was a tough taskmaster, who would not accept anything less than perfection. I am ever so grateful to Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam for connecting me to the most inspiring treasure called the Karanas through a great teacher like Sundari akka. My personal experience with Karanas is that it has allowed an amazing flow of energy in me and has opened many doors of creativity. I truly wish the world experiences this beauty and joy that is inherent in the Karanas.
Sundari Santhanam received the Karnataka Kalashree Award on July 15, 2009
Felicitation at Abhinava dance studio

After decades of practice of the Margi Karanas, Sundari akka has done extensive research in reconstructing the Desi Karanas under the guidance of Dr. Ganesh. I am also very curious to see these and I am sure, soon the world will get to know more about the Desi Karanas. It was her dream to release the book and offer the work as a tribute to her mother. I wish you all join us in praying for her dream to come true.

Though Sundari akka is physically not in this world, her approach to life, courage to face death and her incessant efforts in dance, remains a great inspiration.

My humble salutations to her soul.