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Remembering Nala Najan
- S Janaki, Chennai

February 15, 2010

January is the month of Janus, the two-headed god who looks back in time and to the future. I decided to play Janus too and had a walk down memory lane remembering places and personalities whom I had admired. And one of the names which sprung to life was Nala Najan who died in January 2002. He wrote beautifully for Sruti from New York. He would write personal letters to Sruti Chief, Pattabhi Raman and to me discussing dance matters, praising our writings or suggesting improvements. I admired his turn of phrase, his language flow and his incisive analysis. And Nala would sign off with this very endearing and artistic signature! Writers like him come once in a blue moon, I guess.

As I was looking through the Sruti archives, I found a photo of Nala taken some months before his demise. It shows Nala receiving the Arts India Award (instituted by the Sruti Foundation) from Founder-Editor-in-Chief of Sruti, the late N Pattabhi Raman. I thought of sharing it with Narthaki readers.

The field of dance needs writers like Nala Najan.

S Janaki is the Executive Editor, Sruti.