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Indrani Rahman at Jacob's Pillow
- Sukanya Rahman

July 23, 2010

These photos of Indrani Rahman with Ted Shawn and Martha Graham were taken by legendary Pillow photographer John Lindquist in 1960. Indrani Rahman was the first dancer to present Orissi and Kuchipudi at the Pillow and elsewhere in the US on that tour. She was accompanied by her guru Deva Prasad Das and Kuchipudi guru Korada Narasimha Rao.
Indrani Rahman, Ted Shawn and Martha Graham
Indrani Rahman, Ted Shawn
My mother was back at the Pillow in 1979, this time with me joining her on stage, and to recorded music. When she heard Zubin Mehta and his wife were going to be at one of the performances, she asked Frank, who was also our stage manager, production manager and impresario, to run and make fresh copies of our music! These photos have also been reproduced in my memoir Dancing in the Family.

Some years later, my husband Frank Wicks and I were at a dance performance at the Kauffmann Y in New York and were seated next to American dance legends Valerie Bettis and Agnes DeMille. Agnes DeMille leaned across Bettis and said to me, "Ruth Saint Denis considered your mother Indrani to be the finest Indian dancer." Needless to say, I promptly reported this back to my mother who was deeply moved and honoured.

Remembering Indrani: September 19, 1930 - February 5, 1999
- Sukanya Rahman

Sukanya Rahman