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- The Dhananjayans

July 16, 2011

We are extremely sorry to know from narthaki online that our very dear BSS Rao passed away on July 4, 2011.  We came to know of the sad news late since we are in a remote place and news reaches here a bit late.

We have very fond memories of Mr. Rao, who was a very dedicated promoter of art and artistes. Genuinely interested in encouraging young artistes in spite of his old age and financial difficulties, and withstanding all kinds of resistance, he continued his mission with utmost sincerity and fervor. We always admired his tenacity and extreme love and respect for genuine artistes. We knew him from the time he admitted his highly talented and illustrious daughter Dr. Uma Rao in Kalakshetra in late 1950s (59-60 if I remember right), who was one of Rukmini Devi Amma's favourite artistes in Kalakshetra.

His contribution to the development of classical arts in Mysore is very significant and will be remembered in the pages of cultural and art history of the State and especially the city of Mysore.  His movement was a trend setting mission throughout.

May his soul rest in peace.  

The Dhananjayans from Yogaville, Virgina, USA