Shree Bharatalaya presents
Dance theatre on Vamana Avatara
Dec 23, 25, 2013 & Jan 5, 2014 Chennai

November 28, 2013

Tripaada is a theatrical opera presentation retaining the Bharatanatyam idiom with adaptations from the folk styles of South India and Theru-k-koothu, seeking to narrate the legend of King Mahabali - Vamana Avatharam.

23rd Dec 2013: For Kartik Fine Arts @ Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 6pm
25th Dec 2103: For Brahma Gana Sabha @ Sivagami Petatchi Auditorium, 7.15pm
5th Jan 2014: For Music Academy, 7.30pm


In Hindu mythology, the Vamana Avatharam of Lord Mahavishnu is very special in many ways - it is a dual revelation of Lord Sriman Narayanan (Vaamana-Trivikramaa); there is no war, bloodshed or samhaaram of the evil. King Mahabali, a virtuous ruler being the grandson of Prahalada and son of Veerochana is pious and compassionate. He conquers the entire world and looks to take over the nether worlds of the Devas by which Indra is challenged. The Devas approach Lord Narayana for his indulgence and the Lord assures that he shall check the King's rise. King Mahabali's Satva guna is predominant and Rajo and Tamo gunas are subdued, however the Lord chooses to reveal to the world Mahabali's greatness and at the same time remove the arrogance being the outcome of all the good deeds and virtues the King possessed. Hence, the Lord comes as a dwarf / small boy asking for 3 paces of land measured by his own tiny feet. Though the Asura Guru Sukracharya advices the King that it is the Lord who has come in the form of the boy and not to oblige and also intervenes as a bee, he is unable to stop the King giving the dhaanam. The Lord takes the form of Trivikrama (larger than the largest) and measures the entire universe / cosmos in 2 paces (the downward and upward) and asks King Mahabali space for the third pace and the King shocked and overwhelmed by the vision gives his head for the Lord to place the third pace in all humility and is believed to have been sent to the (Suthala) Pathaala loka as its ruler and given moksha. King Mahabali is still believed to visit his people in Kerala which is celebrated as ONAM by one and all.

Production & overall choreography – Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy
Concept, Research, Script, Lyrics, Soundscape, select musical compositions & direction –
K.S.R. Anirudha
Research guidance – Dr. L.S. Saraswathi
Carnatic music composition –Nandini Sharma Anand
Sound recording – Sai Shravanam
Artistic assistance and choreographic detailing – Priya Murle
Production administration and lighting assistance – Arathi Lakshmi
Jathi compositions & dialogues written by – K.S.R. Anirudha

Singers (male): Srikanth, Pavan Rangachar, R. Jayadev, Kalakkad R. Thyagarajan, K.S.R. Anirudha, Raghavan & party (chants)
Singers (female): Nandini Sharma Anand, Chaitra Sairam, Uma Sathyanarayana, Preethi Ramprasad
Nattuvangam & Cymbals: Sasirekha Balasubramanian, Priya Murle, K.S.R. Anirudha
Jathi vocalization: Sasirekha Balasubramanian, K.S.R. Anirudha, Arathi Lakshmi
Dialogues: Sricharan Rangarajan, K.S.R. Anirudha, Anish Mohan, T.M. Sridevi

Mridangam, Ganjira, Chenda, Uudukkai, Base Drum, Crash & Conch - K.S.R. Anirudha
Violin – Kandadevi S. Vijayaraghavan
Flute – J.B. Shrutisagar
Tabla – Sai Shravanam
Moharsing – Nirgunam Manikandan
Tavil – Mylai Gajendran
Keyboard – Anish Mohan
Special effects – Sai Shravanam, K.S.R. Anirudha

Lord Trivikrama - Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy
King Mahabali - Priya Murle
Sukracharya - Priya Dixit
Vamana - Sharvanthi Pinglay
Kattiyakaran - Madhusudhan
Folk, Poi-k-kal kudirai, Asura, Kalari & Bee - Vasanth
Poi-k-kal kudirai & Kalari - Bruno Chandiran

Core dancers: Aishwarya Ananth, T.M. Sridevi, Deepthi Ravichandran, Aparajitha Rao, Preethi Ramprasad, Bhavana Subramaniam, Kirthika Ravichandran, Nidharshana Pandian

Musical adaptations: Devar Naama of Sri Purandaradasa Swamigal, Traditional folk songs,
Simendramadhyamam Thillana of Vidwan Madurai N. Krishnan, Onam song – Traditional (Kerala), Fireworks on Music – Handel, Arlessience Suite – Bizet, Swaram – Hussaini Swarajathi - Tanjore Quartet

Select verses from: Srimad Bhagavatham, Kamba Ramayanam, Sri Vishnu Suktham – Rig Veda,
Narayana Suktham, Sri Sukra Stotram, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Purusha suktham, Sriman Narayaneeyam – Anantharama Dikshithar’s commentary, Jayadeva’s Ashtapathi – Dasavathara Stotram

About Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy
A unique and eminent artiste, nationally and internationally honoured and respected, Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy is lauded as a ‘living legend.’ Sudharani has been in the field of dance for more than six and a half decades. She is perhaps one of the rare Bharatanatyam dancers in India who has performed before the visiting dignitaries to India since 1956. To mention a few: Bulganin & Krushchev, Shah of Iran, Emperor of Ethiopia, King of Afghanistan, Chou en Lai, Ho Chi  Minh  and many others, including a command performance for Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi.

A graduate in Philosophy and Sociology from the University of Mysore, she was the first Indian at the Randolph Macon’s Women’s College, Virginia, USA, in 1964-65, sponsored as an international student and she majored in the World History of Dance, Studio arts and the Martha Graham technique in modern dance from Eleanor Struppa and western music from Elaine St. Vincent. An A-Top artiste of the Doordarshan since 1976, her TV serial Bharatanjali, an appreciation of Bharatanatyam, the first of its kind on Doordarshan in 1981(13 episodes in B & W) and 1989 (8 episodes in colour), is one of her superior contributions to dance. As an artiste of outstanding calibre, she had the privilege of performing at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, on Human Rights Day in December 1981, on an invitation from the then Secretary-General, Kurt Waldheim. She has been awarded the unique honour of Senior Teaching Associate of Indian Studies (Professor) by the Colgate University, New York, in December 1995.

Shree Bharatalaya institution of fine arts founded in 1970 by Sudharani Raghupathy has trained several students and artistes. Sudharani has produced valuable resource material – Laghu Bharatham Vol 1, 2, 3, a precious contribution to the world of fine arts. A few of the awards conferred on her include Padma Shri (1988), Central Sangeet Natak Akademi award (1984), Kalaimamani (1981) and Natya Kala Acharya (The Music Academy, January 2013).

About KSR Anirudha
Seeing the keen interest shown by the barely three-year-old Anirudha in rhythm and percussion, Kamaladevi Chattopadyay (Scholar, art-promoter, freedom-fighter) presented him with a number of skin instruments in 1980.  From then on, Anirudha has not looked back in his artistic journey.
A recipient of the Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar  (2007) awarded by the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, Anirudha is a left-handed mridangam artiste who primarily plays for Bharatanatyam. He is the son of Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy. Having trained under mridangam maestro Umayalpuram K Sivaraman, Anirudha’s playing is known for its ‘naadham.’  A talented artiste, Anirudha is endowed with the unique ability of wielding three mridangams (Triangam-Samam, Madhyamam and Panchamam) simultaneously. He has provided mridangam accompaniment for many senior dancers in the field of dance.

He has been featured with sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan in Jugalbandhi concerts. Anirudha's lec-dem titled 'Nuances of Mridangam for Dance' (December 2000) was adjudged the best presentation at the 20th Natya Kala Conference of Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai.
In September 2002, music maestros AR Rahman and Dr. M Balamuralikrishna released ‘ASHTARUCHI - an octave of emotions,’ an album highlighting the percussive talents of Anirudha. 

A recipient of the Yuva Kala Bharathi award from Bharat Kalachar (1998), his talents are varied - he composes jathis for dance; he has composed soundscape (Jathi {rhythm} & lyrics) for Anita Ratnam for several of her productions including Vaitharani, Natya Vyuham, Uthpala, etc. He also writes poems in Tamil, and embellishes dance recitals with special effects built up with udukkai, kanjira and the conch!

In 2004, he conceptualized, directed, produced and soundscaped ‘Spatika - Beyond doubt and illusion,’ a modern dance presentation with the students of Shree Bharatalaya in the cast for the Other Festival and featured in the December season of 2004. Dance theatre ‘Mammudha – from Dust to Life’ premiered in December 2007 and ‘Namaargam – (K)not the path’ in 2013.

Anirudha was the youngest to receive the prestigious Kalaimamani from the Government of Tamilnadu for 2003 and he holds the record of being the youngest recipient of the award in the category of ‘Mridangam for Bharatanatyam.’ He was the Treasurer of The Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India (2010-2013). He has been practicing as an Advocate of The High Court of Madras for the past 14 years.

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Special Thanks to: Mr. P.H. Arvindh Pandian & Dr. Anita Ratnam

Contact Anirudha: 9841022533