NaMaargam Dance Company presents
Sri - solo by Krithika Subrahmanian
NaMaargam - group
Dec 1, 2013 - Jan 11, 2014 Chennai

November 30, 2013

Krithika Subrahmanian will present her solo SRI and her NaMaargam Dance Company present NAMAARGAM group performance during the Chennai season. 

About NaMaargam Dance Company
NaMaargam Dance Company, independent creative studio for dance, has been established by Krithika Subrahmanian with the support of Sreshta –Sumanth and Co in 2013. The intention of the promoters is to provide an environment for classical dancers and musicians of merit to interact and create original work based on free expression and limitless creativity. The focus of the company is to produce highquality presentations in Pandanallur/Tanjavur school of Bharatanatyam. All work to be distinctive as a product of significant research, technical content while retaining spontaneity and youthful ideologies in the broad spectrum of Hindu ideologies. The Company is owned and operated as a proprietorship out of its own studio space at Besant Nagar and is equipped with state of the art facilities in sound systems, video, projection and is on par with facilities internationally.

The NaMaargam Dance Company aims at a artistic synergy that enthuses the best of talent spurring them to greater heights in creative process while retaining a sense of camaraderie and  pluralism. The belief is to make the classical arts more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience, to work with seriousness but never to take the self too seriously so as to prevent stereotyping. There is a exclusive program to groom dancers and students are given one on one tutorship by qualified faculty under the guidance of Krithika Subrahmanian. An expert panel of advisors formulate the curriculum for the program which is new age in the approach to imparting an age old tradition.

The NaMaargam Dance Company supports several events and programs in the field of the arts and is active in pursuing performance opportunities in mainstream and alternative venues. Collaborative and partnered programs are in the repertoire and the focus is on quality of the offering rather than the quantity. The vibrant and design aware approach to all aspects of production work aims at energizing and giving a fresh perspective to the performance values in core areas such as musical composition, choreography and philosophy. Scripts and content are whetted by the promoters in conjunction with top experts in the field and the mentorship of masterful artists with the youthful energy of the performing team aims at meeting and exceeding international standards in the performing arts.

NaMaargam Dance Company will be a significant player in the arena of classical performing arts  contributing in every possible way to enhance the audience awareness, understanding and enjoyment of our ancient traditions with that significant modern edge.

Dec 1st - 14th, Chennai and Trivandrum
SRI - Bharatanatyam Margam by Krithika Subrahmanian

Dec 1: Sunday 11am at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai at Kartik Fine Arts Inauguration day.

Dec 6: Friday 5.45pm at Padmanabhaswamy Temple Festival, Trivandrum.

Dec 14: Saturday 10am at Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai.


Dec 22nd to Jan 4th, Chennai and Mumbai
NaMaargam - A Contemporary Classic by NDC Ensemble

Dec 22: Sunday 2pm at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai

Dec 27: Friday 7pm at NCPA Tata Theatre, Mumbai

Dec 29: Sunday 7pm at Bharat Kalachar, Chennai

Jan 4: Saturday 6pm at Brahma Gana Sabha (Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium), Chennai


Memorial Award functions
Dec 17: Tuesday 4.30pm at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan - VIDWAN MADURAI SRI N KRISHNAN MEMORIAL AWARD 2013 in association with Kartik Fine Arts - Awardee is Anita Guha

Jan 11: Saturday 6pm at The Music Academy - M N SUBRAHMANIAN MEMORIAL AWARD 2013 in association with The Music Academy - Awardee Guru Bhanumati - Bangalore

Program notes
What is Sri?
Sri - is a concept - in rich warm hues - a everlasting flame -ruminating in our thoughts as we grapple with life's many challenges.
From time immemorial, mankind is intuitively obsessed with Sri - of inner well being, of the
prosperous soul, eternally positive in spirit, seeking answers and evolving to oneness within.

Reconnect with your roots, recognise Sri - the precedent for all religious chants and names, the
augur of all things positive.
The omnipotent, symbolic, virtuous syllable.
The cleanser of every thought and space.
The harbinger of good in a world eternally confused.
Sri is a beacon for those striving towards salvation.

This presentation is entirely in Sanskrit - a language that captures the mind’s eye.

Sri Ragam, talam rupakam
Music - Dr Rajkumar Bharathi, Lyrics - Pappu Venugopal Rao

Sri Sthuthi
Adi Shankara established the Sri Chakra as the most powerful symbol.
Sri Ramana proclaimed the Sri Chakra puja as the one to bring balance and prosperity to the
The Sri Suktham and Sri Chakra are the most enduring of all chants and symbols.
A unique Jathi pattern is used to map the geometry of the Sri Chakra.
The chant of Sri Suktham resonates and each layer of prayer is in vibrant song.
Sri Suktham: RagaMalika, talam adi, Jathis - KSR Anirudha, Music – Dr. Rajkumar Bharathi

Poets of great virtuosity had outpourings of verse of immeasurable beauty that elevated Sanskrit to the language of the divine.
The great saint Alavandar cherished Sri. He captured her rasa in the 4 succinct yet stunning verses of the Chatushloki. The conviction of this soulful Vaishnavaite is ideologically immense as he pleads his inadequacy in enumerating her qualities. Qualities, which impress Mahavishnu and motivate the Lord to Viswaroopam to impress her. Meditate on her to realise your every desire, for she is -
Yavvanika Maya Jaganmohini- Youthful, magical enchantress
Lokaikeswari – Consort of The Lord who rules the universe
Karunanireekshana Sudha - Discerning yet overwhelmingly merciful
Priyatharam Roopam Adbhutham - Loving form that evokes wonder
Classical Bharatanatyam and the unique gesture language of the Arayar Sevai of Srivilliputhur are inter-woven in the unique choreography.
Ragamalika, talam adi, Music by Dr. Rajkumar Bharathi

Guru Sudharani Raghupathi’s guidance is invaluable - her gracious and generous transmittance of valuable knowledge made Sri possible.
Guru Vidwan Madurai N Krishnan who is with us in all our endeavours.
K Venkatesan, a wise counsel on all things spiritual.
Research guidance - Pappu Venugopal Rao - his unstinting support in composing lyrics in Sanskrit to convey the concepts .
Dr Rajkumar Bharathi who composed the music - original score for the production
Kalpagam Raman and G Srikanth who set music for the two padams

G Srikkanth and Vinaya Karthik - Lead vocal
Akshay, Balakrishnan, Asha Raj
Nattuvangam - Balakrishnan and Padma S Ragavan
Violin - Embaar Kannan
Flute - Sruthi Sagar
Veena - Bhavani Prasad
Mridangam - Dhananjayan and Hari Prasad
Sitar - Sashi

Resource advice - Pappu Venugopal Rao, Shylaja Ramji
Choreographic inputs - Padma Ragavan, Rajesh Chenty, Haripadman
Recording - Vijaykumar Prosound, Suresh
Stage Decor - VV Ramani, Lighting - Murugan
Costumes - Sivakumar of DS Aiyellu and Alex of Ranjana Tailors
Photo - Prasana Venkatesh

Parasara Bhattar paints images of the youthful Sri in romantic hues as Periya Peratti, the consort
of Ranganathar in Srirangam. The selected verses from the Gunarathnakosham are intense and passionate-the erotic and the pious coexist. We discover new and rich textures to the relationship of the reigning deities of Srirangam. At Dusk - The divine couple is playful and embrace in joyous abandon like a creeper on the strong branches of The Lord who is like a strong Kalpaka tree. The twining of their arms and the flutter of her eyes like little black beetles excite him.

At midnight - Sri whose playful feet redden from the pollen of the lotus swings on the Vanamala or garlands of forest flowers draped on her lord’s chest. Disturbed Parasara Bhattar cautions her - "will not the forest flowers hurt your delicate arms - arms which find the weight of lotus flowers too burdensome?" He begs forgiveness for intruding on the divine couple with his eager words.
At dawn - Their magical touch make Sri and Mahavishnu satiated - he is drawn to her like a bee
drunk on her heady nectar.

Padam -  from Gunarathnakosham
Ragamalika in 3 ragas - Marwa raga of dusk, Bhagesri raga of midnight and Bhatiyar raga of dawn.
Talam adi, musical composition of G Srikanth

Sri manifests as Ashtalakshmi - always a picture of positivity.
Lakshmi - worshipped as the goddess of prosperity - calm, poised, quiet and determined. The one
who can dispel moments of strife. Composed on the temple deities at Ashtalakshmi koil of Besant Nagar, 4 select verses are performed to Adilakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Dhanyalakshmi and Dhanalakshmi
Ragamalika in Adi, composition of Kalpakam Raman

Thillana in joyous overtures followed by a Lakshmi Bhajan proclaim that no greater a salvation
exists than the bheejakshrams of Shree.
Ragam Dwijavanthi, talam adi
Bhajan Sindhubhairavi, compositions of Dr. Rajkumar Bharathi

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