Rhythmosaic - Sengupta Dance Company &
Offjazz Dance Company premieres
Buddha - The Why Within
Birla Sabhaghar, 6.30pm
March 2 & 3, 2014 Kolkata

January 25, 2014

Rhythmosaic - Sengupta Dance Company, India & Offjazz Dance Company, France, present BUDDHA - THE WHY WITHIN, their next Indo-French Dance Production, in association with ICCR, Ministry of Culture India, Alliance Francaise, Opendoors, Anjika, T2, Offjazz Danse. The world premiere is on March 2.

Dates: March 2 & 3, 2014
Venue: G.D. Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata
Time: 6.30pm

Info: rhythmosaic@gmail.com
Website: www.rhythmosaic.com

BUDDHA - THE WHY WITHIN is a transcendental journey of love, hate, deception, aspiration and desolation. The story reverberates the voices of some unsung characters of Mahabharata which seldom surfaces in the glory of the epic, but has a huge impact in the soulful realization of oneself in the epic as well as in the society. The story here dwells mainly on three characters from the Mahabharata, carefully chosen by keeping in mind their glory, their episodes in the epic and overall their karma, which reflects through time in the present generation. The performance will showcase characters like Arjuna, Ulupi, Iravan and Barbareek.

In our modern day lives, we encounter characters like ARJUNA, ULUPI and IRAVAN, where ARJUNA is the epitome of heroism and bravery, shrouded with the dark shadows of trickery and selfishness, ULUPI- the neglected one and IRAVAN – the destiny’s child and the desolate one. All of them and every one of us are ravaged with the hunger of want, greed, lust, selfishness and trickery. All of us are running a never ending run, a never ending quest. But are we realizing the true realization, the true quest within, the search for WHY, the search for BODH, the ultimate realization of the BUDDHA. It is not a religion; it is more than a religion. It is a pathway of eternal conflict and resolution where no one wins or loses, where we discover everyday beyond one’s caste, creed and religion. It rattles us with questions of one’s true identity to oneself, a true search for WHY, a true quest for WHY WITHIN, the ‘BUDDHA in oneself’. And BARBAREEK in the story of this version of Mahabharata is the consciousness, the void, the unidentified, the indestructible “who sees it all.”

Choreographer’s note:
The project BUDDHA - THE WHY WITHIN is an unusual and exciting journey for all three of us. While creating this work, we encountered many differences, conflicts and opinions between us and as well as around us. As it is an INDO-FRENCH production and dealing with BUDDHA which is a global religion was not easy for us. But working on it, we realized deeply that BUDDHA is not only religion but something very mystical and ethereal, something which is beyond religion. It is more of knowing oneself through deep introspection of one’s true identity and one’s duties in life and society. It is truly a search within and the quest for WHY WITHIN.

BUDDHA –THE WHY WITHIN on stage is a cross-over attempt of Indian and European Movement Art with subtle influences from the mystical approach of CHI-GUNG the Chinese martial art, (the life energy cultivation- the essence of Buddha). We wish the piece will stimulate the way it is meant to be.

Choreography: Gianin Loringett – France, Martine Kaisserlian – France, Dr. Mitul Sengupta – India

Artistic consultancy:  Ronnie Shambik Ghose

Performed by Rhythmosaic Sengupta Dance Company and Offjazz Dance Company

Music Composition: Dishari Chakraborty
Music Consultancy: Bernard Dsouza, Munnu Shaw, Bisawajit Pal

Scenography: Swarup Dutta

Costumes: Swarup Dutta & Debby, Manju Agarwal

Production Manager: Oheix Dsouza