Soorya Performing Arts presents
CHS Little Theater, St Louis, MO
February 28, March 1 & 2, 2014

February 14, 2014

Soorya Performing Arts presents VISMAYA, a thought evoking dance presentation by Guru Prasanna Kasthuri.

VISMAYA (Bewilderment)
We live every moment learning about things that happen around us. Some we think, we know, because we test these issues with our senses, cross check them, examine them and come to a conclusion. Yet, there are infinite unknown things around us, in this lonely universe. To our astonishment, we all feel, we are much secured, because a little blue planet called Earth is providing us shelter.  Our knowledge tells us that, we are the only living entity as far as infinite miles of space stretches.
Instead of finding answers to our existence and survival, for millennia, we, the so called intelligent beings of Earth, have lingered in meaningless dialogues and conflicts. Sometime, we gain the path to the knowledge and sometime, we go off the path towards the darkness.
We do know, we are made of five elements - Pancha bhoothas (Space, Earth, Fire, Air and Water). But how these five elements inspire us to think or feel emotions or make decision is still an enigma to every intriguing mind. Universes/multiverses which span outwards OR the microscopic world which span inwards tells us the paradox of our living. Yet, the joy of knowing or the ability to relish this beauty (or horror!) of our lives is a "Vismaya".
The music-dance-one-man-performance called "Vismaya" will portray some astonishing facts of life through Indian classical and modern dance. Music is based on traditional, fusion and modern Indian music, suiting to the mood of the feeling. Performance is done in black box theater setup, so tickets are very limited for each day.
Choreography and performance: Prasanna Kasturi
Dates: Feb 28th 7pm; Mar 1st 7pm; Mar 2 4pm
Venue: Clayton High School Black Box Theater, #1 Mark Twain Circle, St. Louis, MO 63105
Tickets: General - $25 / Students - $15
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