Geeta Chandran presents
Dooti Vilasam
Chinmaya Mission Auditorium, 6.45pm
March 15, 2014 Delhi
February 28, 2014

Geeta Chandran’s DOOTI VILASAM is an expanded poem in dance celebrating innocence and friendship.
Date:  March 15, 2014
At: Chinmaya Mission Auditorium, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110003
Time: 6.45pm

Aristotle describes friendship as “A single soul dwelling in two bodies!”
Poet Rumi says:
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

Charles Lamb writes: It is the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have nonsense respected.
And the ultimate quotation:  There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate!!!
It is this basket of inspiration that has propelled Geeta’s DOOTI VILASAM.
DOOTI VILASAM explores the tender relationship between two friends who have grown up together – with a multitude of shared experiences: experiences which are happy, joyous, sad, or otherwise memorable. Memories of misunderstandings and of forgiving, only forges closer the bonds of friendship. In DOOTI VILASAM, Geeta Chandran has re-imagined the traditional margam of Bharatanatyam to emerge with a format that is fresh and fragrant. Thus while echoing the traditional margam, DOOTI VILASAM is breathtakingly different!

The performance has been conceptualized in three sections:
•       Just the other day
•       The Plea
•       Shattered Glass
Concept, Performance and Choreography: Geeta Chandran
Vocal collaboration: Sudha Raghuraman
Nattuvangam: Guru S Shankar
Mridangam: MV Chander Shaker
Flute: G Raghuraman
Costumes: Sandhya Raman
Lights: Deepa Dharmadhikari
A Natya Vriksha presentation supported by NTPC.