Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Jayanti
Bhagavata Mela Natya Nataka Sangam presents
74th Bhagavata Mela Nataka Mahotsav
May 23 31, 2014 Melattur

March 8, 2014

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Jayanti Bhagavata Mela Natya Nataka Sangam presents its 74th edition of BHAGAVATA MELA NATAKA MAHOTSAV from May 23 31, 2014. The great Bhagavata Mela tradition, a rare temple/theatre art in a unique blend of bhakti, music, dance and drama in vogue over 4 centuries, is the only surviving link today in Tamil Nadu that connects us with the ancient Sanskrit theatre. The Bhagavata Mela natakams, composed in chaste Telugu by Melattur Venkatarama Sastry (1743-1809 A.D), are performed annually, in adherence to the Natya Veda, in the sannidhi of Sri Varadaraja Perumal of Melattur village as part of Sri Narasimha Jayanti Vasantotsav. 

The ritualistic Bhagavata Mela tradition, a Telugu heritage nurtured in Tamil country, richly deserves a vast support from the art world. It came into being as a result of Bhakti movement about 400 years ago, and is not far different from the Kuchipudi Bhagavata Mela. The Bhagavata Mela Nataka Mahotsav 2014 features not only Bhagavata Mela natakams but also many fitting events akin to Bhagavata Mela.

Celebrities in the field of classical dance, music, Sanskrit theatre, research scholars and tourists throng the village during the Bhagavata Mela. Preserved in pristine purity as a true temple art with no commercial interests, this great theatre art, considered as the only surviving link in Tamil Nadu today that connects us to the ancient Sanskrit theatre, struggles for survival.

Members of SLNJ Bhagavata Mela Natya Nataka Sangam, residents of Melattur and the sponsors cordially invite you and your family to the BHAGAVATA MELA NATAKA MAHOTSAV 2014.

Dates: May 23 - 31, 2014 Melattur, Tamilnadu
Venue: Sri Varadaraja Perumal Sannidhi, Melattur
All are welcome.

May 23:
9.30 am onwards: Poorvangam Inchuvritti, Maha Thirumanjanam, Veda Chanting,  Naamasankeertan, Mangala Aarathi, Samaarathanai (Namasankeertan by Kumbakonam  Ananthanarayana Bhagavatar & troupe)

May 24:
7.30 pm: Mangala Isai Nadaswaram by Thirukarugavoor Bros - TK Ramanan & TK Saravanan
9pm: Inauguration of mahotsav
9.30 pm: Bhagavata Mela Natakam PRAHLADA CHARITAM 

May 25:
7.30 pm: Bharatanatyam by member-artistes of ABHAI (Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India), Chennai

May 26:
9.30 pm: Bhagavata Mela Natakam HARISCHANDRA Part I

May 27:
9.30 pm: Bhagavata Mela Natakam HARISCHANDRA Part II

May 28:
7 pm: Mohiniattam by Methil Devika
8.30pm: Srimad Ramayanam (dance drama) by Ranga Mandira, Chennai (Choreographed & directed by Dr. Swarnamalya Ganesh)

May 29:
9.30pm: Bhagavata Mela Natakam MARKANDEYA CHARITAM

May 30:
9.30pm: Tamil Opera VALLI THIRUMANAM

May 31:
7.30 pm: Sri Anjaneya Aradhana & concluding rituals - Naamasankeertan by Kumbakonam Ananthanarayana Bhagavatar & troupe and Bhagavata Mela artists followed by procession of deity, Sri Nrusimha with His consorts

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