Suman Sarawgi & Sparsh present
Manipuri dance
Tour of Vietnam, Malaysia, S Korea
April 11 - May 3, 2014

March 18, 2014

Kolkata based Suman Sarawgi and her troupe Sparsh present Manipuri dance during a tour of Vietnam, Malaysia and S Korea.

Vietnam: 11 - 20 April
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): 20 - 24 April
Seoul (South Korea): 25 April- 3 May

Manipuri dance may be described as the most ancient among the classical Indian dances. It is free and spontaneous, easy and flowing. Looked at closely, this dance style is the manifestation of a deeply ritualistic tradition, combined with a vitality with which an art form throbs, only when it is shared by the community. Therefore every event in a person’s life i.e. birth, death, marriage or even a ear piercing ceremony is celebrated through dance and music. Life is a celebration. It is a journey of the self towards uniting with the Universal Self. The theme for this year is to spread peace and celebration.

Suman Sarawgi formed her group Sparsh 3 years ago. The main aim of the group is to promote and propagate the Indian classical art forms. “We at the studio teach different forms of dance (both Indian and western) to kids and adults. We try to break the misconception of 2 left feet. We at Sparsh believe everyone can dance,” says Suman.