Srjan & Art Vision present
10th anniversary tribute to Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra
April 7 - 9, 2014 Bhubaneswar

March 22, 2014

Ten years have quickly passed by, ten years without Guruji and all of us whom he has left behind –family members, and the larger family of hundreds of his students all over the world – we have only his memories to sustain us. His passion for dance and music inspired all of us to begin a journey in creativity. The demands that he made on us were living proof that only commitment can lead to the green pastures of excellence and accomplishment.

It is in memory of this renowned guru that Srjan (in collaboration with Art Vision) presents   SAMSMARANAM, a three day festival from 7th to 9th April 2014, at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar, to mark the 10th anniversary of Guruji’s passing.

Yet again we need Guruji’s help to rekindle the spark that he ignited in many of us, his friends, well-wishers, colleagues, and especially many of his beloved disciples who have dedicated their lives to traditional Odissi dance. We are blessed because even in his absence, his memory continues to guide us, give us new energy and make us stronger in the service of his lifelong passion – Odissi dance. In this he will always be with us.

In many of our lives as Odissi dancers and human beings as well, Guruji has left an indelible imprint. Each of us has partaken of his affection, his energy, his love of art and artistes and his passionate love for people and ideas. Our lives have been enriched by his presence, and it is this quality of giving and nurturing that we wish to celebrate his tenth death anniversary. In many ways, Guruji continues to live within us and amongst us.

7th April 2014 (6.30 to 8.45 pm)
Kumkum Mohanty (Mangalacharan)
Aloka Kanungo (Abhinaya - Khelalola Khanja Nakhi)
Panchanan Bhuyan (Kirwani Pallavi)
Sikata Das (Abhinaya - Yahi Madhava)
Rina Jana (Bihag Pallavi)
Sharon Lowen- (Abhinaya - Sakhi he)
Madhavi Mudgal (Abhinaya - Prana Sangini Re)
Gunjan Dance Academy (Group Choreography by Meera Das)

8th April 2014
Morning session (11 am to1 pm)
Satchidananda Das (Mardala)
Ramesh Chandra Das (Violin)
Bijay Kumar Jena (Odissi Vocal)

Evening session (6.30 to 8.45 pm)
Ramani Ranjan Jena (Mangalacharan)
Sharmila Mukherjee (Mohana Pallavi)
Jhelum Paranjape (Abhinaya - Leela Nidhi he)
Rajashri Praharaj (Hamsadhani Pallavi)
Pranati Mohanty (Abhinaya Tolagi Gopadanda)
Nandini Ghosal (Khamaj Pallavi)
Sharmila Biswas (Abhinaya - Brajaku Chora)
Art Vision (Group Choreography by Ileana Citaristi)

9th April 2014
Morning session (11 am to 1.30 pm)
Preetisha Mohapatra (Mangalacharan)
Reebdhita Barua & Atmaja Bhaduri (Batu)
Bharati Kashish & Divya Subakar (Arabi Pallavi)
Discussion on personal experiences with Guruji by his disciples, friends & colleagues.
Film on Guruji's life & work titled "Legend Speaks..."

Evening session (6.30 to 8.45 pm)
Minati Misra (Mangalacharan)
Devi Basu (Abhinaya - Patha Chhadi De)
Rajib Bhattacharya ( Kalyan Pallavi)
Daksha Mashruwala (Abhinaya - Ahe Neela Shaila)
Sujata Mohapatra (Ardhanarishwara)
Kumkum Lal (Abhinaya - Nahike Kari Dela)
Dona Ganguli (Abhinaya - Kuru Yadu Nandana)
Srjan (Group Choreography by Ratikant Mohapatra

Program is subject to change.

Venue: Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar
Info: Contact Debiprasad Mishra: 9937013031
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