Rama Vaidyanathan & Ajith Bhaskaran Dass premiere
June 21, 2014: Kuala Lumpur
June 27, 2014: Singapore

May 29, 2014

The Eternal Universe

Music by K Venkateshwaran
Rhythmic Composition by K Sivakumar
Featured dancers: Dakshina Vaidyanathan, Uma Govind, Veejayan Veeryen and Parthiben Sethu

- June 21, Kuala Lumpur: World premiere at the Shatanand Auditorium , Temple of Fine Arts, 7.30pm
- June 27, Singapore: The Esplanade, 8pm

Time in Indian philosophy has no absolute beginning, but is infinite and cyclic. The Cosmic creator himself is supposed to be beginning less and endless. BRAHMAKALPA is an unfathomable unit of time that is supposed to be equivalent to one day of the all pervading supreme truth. This makes us realize, that the Universe itself rides on eternal time that is constant and divine. This dance production draws parallels between the cosmological and mythological relationship that the Earth’s evolution has with time starting right from the Big Bang Theory. Sanskrit and Tamil verses which reflect scientific theories are explored to unravel the mystery between Time, Earth and the Cosmic Consciousness.
BRAHMAKALPA is a collaborative work between Indian and Malaysian dancers pushing boundaries to explore a contemporary theme in the Bharatanatyam medium.
- 24 October 2014 at Guwahati
- 26 October 2014 at Kamani Auditorium, Delhi

Details: www.facebook.com/pages/Brahmakalpa-The-Eternal-Universe/847091091984548?ref=hl

e-mail: vaidyanathan.rama@gmail.com
Website: www.ramavaidyanathan.com