Rhythmotion presents
Silent Killer
At Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, 7pm
July 25, 2014 Bangalore

June 27, 2014

Rhythmotion in association with Alliance Francaise de Bangalore presents SILENT KILLER on 25th July 2014, 7pm at Alliance Francaise auditorium.

SILENT KILLER is the name of the project initiated in 2009 in India. Up till now, it has spread over several different art fields all with tendency to help children and women infected by HIV and/or AIDS who are protégés of MILANA organization from Bangalore, India.

Dance performances made under the name SILENT KILLER are inspired by true stories told by protégés of MILANA. Together with two already existing performances - My name is Nisha / For Ever (dance video), Silent Killer will present a new dance piece made in collaboration with Indian classical and contemporary dancers Chitra Arvind and Dr. Seshadri Iyengar. The performance will be made in a documentary format dealing with the problems of creating an artistic piece around serious social issue and stigma, and the struggles performers have to undergo in order to convey a true problem trough artistic vocabulary.

Date:  July 25, 2014
Venue: Alliance Francaise auditorium, Bangalore
Time: 7pm
Info: rhythmotion.dance@gmail.com / www.rhythmotion.org

My name is Nisha
Music: Marko Grbac Knapić
Jathi: Suma Krishnamurti
Choreography and performance: Maja Drobac
Adviser: Andrea Gotovina

My name is Nisha is a true story about 15-year-old HIV positive girl who decides to search for her father. Emotions she goes through in the moment of making this decision are shown through Rasas (description of emotions written in Natya Shastra, Indian book about theatre) and it is performed using Bharatanatyam technique.

For Ever
dance video directed by Siniša Bajt
Music: Vesna Kazensky
Vesna Kazensky (piano), Marko Grbac Knapić (electric bass guitar - author)
Choreography and performance: Maja Drobac, Zvonimir Kvesić

For Ever is a true story about two young 18-year-olds who had decided to marry. The boy is HIV positive, the girl is not. The performance is about their feelings towards decision they have to make which will influence the rest of their lives; about the influence society has upon them and whether anyone can or should judge love.  

Costumography: Desanka Janković (My name is Nisha / For Ever)
Roopa Nagesh (new piece)
Graphic design and animation: Dean Bertoldi
Technical support: Dr. Rekha
Photography: Ivana Cesarec
Production:  dance_lab collective, lukaeura, Rhythmotion

Partners: Istrian National Theatre, City Theatre Pula
Zagreb Dance Centre
Alliance Française, Bangalore

Financial support
2011 – Office for Culture, Education and Sport of the city of Zagreb, Croatia
2011 / 2013 – The Ministry of Culture of the Republic Croatia
Thank you
Dance Centre TALA, Zagreb
Kaya Yoga & Pilates Studio, Pula
Bodyelement Studio, Zagreb
Studio Zaro, Pula
Nupura School of Bharatanatyam, Bangalore
MILANA organization, Bangalore
Iyengar Centre for Fine Arts, Bangalore
Sheila Kothavala Institute for the Deaf, Bangalore

People who had participated in this project throughout years…

Thank you
Chitra Arvind, Dean Bertoldi, Emma Biscossa, Saša Bogojević, Lana Bojčić, Marko Bolković, Sven Buić, Petra Cerkovnik, Ivana Cesarec, Hrvoje Cokarić, Saša Čabaravdić, Lena Čabrunić, Dražen Dragović, Vesna Drobac, Andrea Gotovina, Marko Grbac Knapić, HUHIV / CAHIV, Dr. Seshadri Iyengar, Desanka Janković, Marijana Janjić, Vibor Juhas, Vjeran Juhas, Vesna Kazensky, Srikanth Kolari, Suma Krishnamurti, Zvonimir Kvesić, Vanja Marković, Carlotta Maso, Vlatka Milošević, Nataša Moskaljov, Arka Mukhopadhyay, Roopa Nagesh, Siniša Pilepić, Rade Radolović, Dr. Rekha, Duško Richtermoc, Siniša Jean Sambolec, Promona Sengupta, Nela Sisarić, Katja Taljat, Robert Taradi, Romina Vitasović, children of MILANA