Radica Giri and Anjali Natya present
Tagore's Chitrangada
Music Academy, 6pm
August 3, 2014 Chennai

July 5, 2014

Artistic director Radhica Giri and dancers of Anjali Natya present Rabindranath Tagore’s CHITRANGADA

Sunday August 3, 2014
Time: 6pm
Venue: Music Academy, Chennai
All are welcome.

In Tagore's story, Chitrangada is the only child of the King of Manipura. Being the heir to the throne, she dresses like a man and is the protector of the land. Her people look to her to keep them safe. One day, she meets Arjuna and seeing him in action as he hunts in the forest, she falls in love. Arjuna is impressed by her fighting abilities but all along believes her to be a man. Chitrangada believes he could never love her the way she is. She receives a boon from  Kamadeva, Hindu god of love, and transforms herself into a beautiful feminine woman. When she meets Arjuna again, he can't help but fall in love with her. Though she believes that she has everything she wants in life, deep down she wishes that he could love her for her true self. When marauders come into her kingdom to take over the villages, Arjuna learns from the people of the kingdom that their princess is the greatest warrior around and they wonder why she isn't there to help protect them now. Arjuna is impressed by the story of this woman who seems to be his equal when it comes to fighting and longs to meet her. Chitrangada reveals her true self to Arjuna. No longer in love with her just for her beauty, Arjuna is very happy.

Music composition: Rajkumar Bharathi
Dance composition & choreography: Bragha Bessel & L Narendra Kumar
Creative input:  K Shanmugasundaram
Tamil translation: Kalpakam Srinivasamurthy


Radica Giri took her training under the mentorship of guru K.J. Sarasa, the doyenne of the stately Vazhavoor style of Bharatanatayam. With the dedication and passion of a true artist, her need for greater knowledge propelled her to further develop artistic expression in the Pandanallur bani. Radica established Anjali Natya in Saratoga, California. Radica to her credit was featured as heroine in director Bharathi Rajaaa's film ‘Nizhalgal.’ Chitrangada is her maiden dance theater production featuring her young students and herself.

Contact: radica_giri@hotmail.com