Sapphire Creations presents
Sept 8, 2014 New Delhi
Sept 10, 2014 Chandigarh
Sept 15 - 18, 2014 Kolkata

August 26, 2014

Organised by Sapphire Creations and Artsforward Ideas creating a true spirit of global artistic exchange, INTERFACE, the International Festival of Alternative and Contemporary Expressions was conceived. Executed as a biennale, the festival was visualized as a part of the LINK THE ARTS Movement, part of Sapphire’s 10th anniversary celebrations in 2002, envisioning a bright future for the contemporary arts in India with an effort to bind arts and artists in healthy creative syntheses.

The first step in this movement was INTERFACE, the INTERnational Festival of Alternative and Contemporary Expressions, the first ever international arts festival of Eastern India and only the third of the country. Seem as they may as disparate units, the arts are variously shaped to fit into each other to create a meaningful cumulative experience. Sapphire attempts to create such a common yet non-mainstream platform where the arts can interact and bring to us expressions of another kind. Every two years, Sapphire throws open to the art lovers of India, this movement to bring home the tremendous and turbulent experimentation that recreates every human experience in myriad artistic forms all over the world.

INTERFACE is Eastern India’s first and only international platform for contemporary expressions in the alternative arts. The festival is a major event in the cultural calendar of India covering the disciplines of dance, music, installations, painting, fashion, theatre and cinema. The arts for a period of five odd days come alive to a frenzied process of exchange, learning and interaction between forms, genres, people and cultures.

From 2002 to 2008 the festival was held in Kolkata only. In 2010 it moved to Delhi along with Kolkata. 2012 as the 20th anniversary year of Sapphire saw the festival in Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. In 2014 the festival organized from 8th to 18th Sept travels to Delhi and Chandigarh before reaching its hometown Kolkata.

Other than artists from India the festival has been a delight for those visiting international companies of repute who have performed at the festival and enjoyed the magic of incredible India. This year, Robert Moses Kin from San Francisco USA, will present Excerpts from the repertory works recreated into a new work exclusively for INTERFACE. The work will include reconsider aspects of work exploring topics ranging from oral traditions in African American culture (Word of Mouth), the life, times, and work of author James Baldwin (Biography), and the dark side of contemporary urban culture (Cause), to the nuanced complexities of parentage and identity (The Cinderella Principle), the interception of faith and fables in modern life (Fable & Faith), and the simple joy and expressive power of pure movement (Toward September, Other Gods, The Soft Sweet Smell of Firm Warm Things).

Robert Moses Kin

The Human Expression Dance Company

INTERFACE also features The Human Expression Dance Company from Singapore presenting As It Fades and RE:OK…BUT!, two important full-length works in T.H.E Dance Company’s repertoire. Choreographed by T.H.E artistic director Swee Boon Kuik, As It Fades pays homage to Asian traditions and their fading presence in our lives through the use of Hainanese folk tunes, a powerful treatise on personal and collective memory spanning culture, heritage and environment on the societal and individual level. In RE:OK…BUT!, Kuik collaborates with T.H.E resident choreographer Jae Duk Kim to create a work based on relationships that are not always smooth sailing.

Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts from Mumbai, presents Saki Naka, a Dance Theatrical piece that is a result of Sumeet Nagdev's interactions with a homeless person for 1 year. It was premiered at Ahsas in April 2012 - Mumbai's International Dance Arts Festival. The piece uses spoken script, some miming and the body as an expressive tool for highlighting key incidents explained by the homeless person.  In Talkative Dancer Sumeet uses music, poetry, dialogues, & even audience help whereas he will talk about his journey in the world of contemporary dance and how his personal upbringing and life has played a major role in making him the artist that he is today. India's leading dance critic Leela Venkataraman mentioned in The Hindu (Delhi): “A powerful work of talk and dance, a real rib tickler.”                                              


Sapphire Creations Dance Company, India presents Parivahitam – Perspectives in Motion at INTERFACE 2014. ‘Parivahitam’ is conceived as a cross-journey between an ordered, disciplined and beautiful past and a chaotic, atomized and unhinged present. It is a contemporary take on the discomfort that individuals feel at this present time and the nostalgia that brings solace but not a solution.  Inspired by interactions with Roger Sinha from Canada, and Christopher Lechner from Germany, the members of Sapphire engaged in a performance activity that would combine elements of dance which were both Indian and South Asian in spirit and stylistic but with a edge of contemporary improvisatory Western technique.

INTERFACE 2014 is supported by Sanskriti Sagar, India Habitat Centre, Sangeet Natak Akademi Chandigarh, ICCR, International Management Institute, Century Ply, Faces, Ripple Fragrances, Jhaal Farezi, American Center Kolkata, Calcutta School of Music and other patrons and friends.

Paramita Saha

Sudarshan Chakravorty

8th Sept, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, 7.30pm
Award Ceremony
Dr. Sonal Mansingh receives Bijoya Chakraborty Smriti  Purashkar 2014
Sapphire Creations presents PARIVAHITAM
Robert Moses Kin (USA) presents EXCERPTS

10th Sept, Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh, 7pm
Sapphire Creations presents PARIVAHITAM
Robert Moses Kin (USA) presents EXCERPTS

15th Sept, GD Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata, 7pm
Award Ceremony
Dr. Mohua Mukhapadhyay receives Bijoya Chakraborty Smriti Purashkar 2013
Sanjay Agarwal receives Shri Subinoy Chakraborty Smriti Purashkar 2013
Sapphire Creations presents PARIVAHITAM
Robert Moses Kin (USA) presents EXCERPTS

16th Sept, GD Birla Sabhaghar, Kolkata, 7pm
T.H.E Dance Company (Singapore) present AS IT FADES (Double Bill)

18th Sept, Max Mueller Bhawan, Kolkata, 7pm
As part of Sapphire Arts Quarterly 2014-15, Quarter II, Edition XVIII and Interface2014
Sumeet Nagdev Dance Company presents SAKI NAKA
Paramita Saha presents AHALYA

12th Sept, American Center, 6pm
OPEN WORKSHOP on Contemporary dance by Robert Moses Kin

16th Sept, Calcutta School of Music, 11am -2pm
OPEN WORKSHOP of Contemporary dance by Robert Moses Kin

17th Sept, Max Mueller Bhawan, 11am -2pm
OPEN WORKSHOP of Contemporary dance by T.H.E Dance Company

17th Sept, Venue (TBA)
An interactive session and dance with international festival artists and Sapphire dancers