Sapphire Creations presents
Parivahitam & Sapphirescope
Tour of Malaysia & Singapore
November 20 - 30, 2014

October 24, 2014

Sapphire Creations Dance Company is happy to announce that it has been chosen for the prestigious Malaysian International Performing Arts Festival- MIPAF 2014 to be held between 21st of November to 26th of November in Kuala Lumpur, organized by Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Malaysia through the National Department for Culture and Arts.

Sapphire Creations has been performing with a new idiom of Contemporary dance and has been exploring this genre for the past 22 years and has been part of prestigious festivals and performances around the world in more than 20 countries across 5 continents. This will be Sapphire’s 21st international tour. Sapphire premiered PARIVAHITAM, its critically acclaimed production premiered in New York, USA in 2010 as part of Global Dance Meet organized by World Dance Alliance, Americas and thereafter performed in 12 cities across India.

Sapphire Creations is touring Singapore between 27th - 30th of November in a program  organized by Tagore Society on 29th November. Sapphire performs SAPPHIRESCOPE which is a mosaic of Contemporary and popular dances.

Tour Schedule:
20th/21st November:  Sapphire reaches Kuala Lumpur

22nd-23rd November: Workshop on Body Narratives and Contemporary dance
10am-6pm, ASAWARA, Kuala Lumpur

24th-26th November: Main Performance: PARIVAHITAM
At: Tun Abdul Razak Auditorium, 8.30pm

27th November: Reaching Singapore

28th November: Workshop on Indian aesthetics and Contemporary dance improvisation
Venue & time to be announced

29th November: SAPPHIRESCOPE, Venue & time to be announced

30th November: leaves Singapore

Parivahitam - Perspectives in Motion
Conceived as a cross-journey between an ordered, disciplined and beautiful past and a chaotic, atomized and unhinged present, it’s a contemporary take on the discomfort of temporality, the nostalgia that brings solace but not a solution. Imbalance and ephemerality is explored with a keen medium of movement that inhabits the watershed between tradition and contemporaneity and negotiates time as a vision of life through dance that can encourage us to move through these troubled times and hope for a constructive, positive and meaningful time not so far away.

Concept: Sudarshan Chakravorty & Paramita Saha
Choreography & Artistic Direction: Sudarshan Chakravorty
Original Music: Marc Rossier (Switzerland)
Live music: Srinjay Banerjee
Costumes: Sayantan Sarkar
Lights: Sudip Sanyal
Dancers: Ankita Duttagupta, Koushik Das, Pintu Das, Rima Halder, Paramita Saha & Dibyendu Nath


Celebrating movement, music & visuals: It’s a mosaic of Contemporary, fusion and folk dances drawing from eclectic sources and creating a new body language which is Indian yet international. Ranging from music by National Award winner Mayookh Bhaumick to Tagore songs to AR Rahman’s ‘Jai Ho’, the presentation shows Bengal in a new flavor and also showcases the hybridism of Indian aesthetics which indulges eventually into fun, frolic and fiesta.

Concept: Sudarshan Chakravorty
Choreography & Artistic Direction: Sudarshan Chakravorty
Music: Diverse Sources
Original Music: Mayookh Bhaumick
Live music: Srinjay Banerjee
Costumes: Sayantan Sarkar
Lights: Sudip Sanyal
Dancers: Ankita Duttagupta, Koushik Das, Pintu Das, Rima Halder, Saumen Banerjee, Paramita Saha & Dibyendu Nath