Gati presents
IGNITE! Festival of Contemporary Dance
January 11 – 18, 2015 New Delhi

December 17, 2014

IGNITE! Festival of Contemporary Dance was started in 2010 and is now on its 3rd edition.  It is organised by the GATI Dance Forum (founded in 2007), which works to create a vibrant engagement with contemporary dance through opportunities for reflection, interrogation and innovation. GATI was conceived and is managed by dance professionals.

IGNITE! held every two years, is the only Festival in India with a focus on contemporary Indian dance. This year it expands this focus to including neighbouring countries in the region. The week-long festival program includes a 3-day conference, 22 performances across 8 venues, 3 master classes / workshops, multiple film screenings and street performances with 80 participating artists from 10 countries.  The performers and performances in 2015 will come from across India including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kashmir, Kerala, Manipur, Mumbai, Nagaland etc. and the international participants will include Bangladesh, France, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, Switzerland, Sri Lanka , Japan, US, UK... and more. Each performance is steeped in the South Asian context. 

The Festival begins with Terence Lewis’ Scrambled Eggs showing for the first time in Delhi and set to take place at Siri Fort Auditorium. The lineup of performers include among others - Annette Leday, Christina Zakiesato, Choy Ka Fai, Helena Waldmann, Santosh Nair, Mirra Arun, Namrata Pamnani, Navtej Singh Johar, Padmini Chettur,  Rakesh MPS, Rajan Rathore, Riya Mandal, Rianto, Surjit Nongmeikapan,  Venuri Perera... and many more.

The Festival will take place in multiple venues across Central and South Delhi, while the street performances will be spread across all parts of the city.

The Festival includes:
- Performances
- Conference: Joining the Dots: Points of Shift, Pause, Discontinuity or Rupture from Jan 13 – 15 looks at critical issues in the contemporary movement space in the region
- Workshops and Master classes led by expert practitioners across the arts, including arts policy and management.
- Film screenings

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