Tridhara presents
9th Guru Debaprasad Award Festival
Rabindra Mandap, 6.30pm
Oct 28-30, 2015 Bhubaneswar

October 22, 2015

The 9TH GURU DEBAPRASAD AWARD FESTIVAL will be held at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar from 28th to 30th October 2015. Guru Debaprasad Das will always be remembered for his role in the revival of Odissi dance. He had presented Odissi dance for first time in and outside Odisha and also outside India. He is also the founder of Tridhara. Each year in fond memory of Guruji, Tridhara presents Guru Debaprasad Award to veteran Odissi gurus and dancers. This festival will be inaugurated by His Holiness, Gajapati Maharaj Shri Shri Divyasingh Dev.

For 2015, the award will be conferred on Kumkum Mohanty (Odissi Dance), Saroja Vaidyanathan (Bharatanatyam), Ananda Shankar Jayant (Kuchipudi), Pandit  Rajendra Gangani (Kathak)

Dates: October 28 - 30, 2015
Venue: Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar
Time: 6.30pm

Kumkum Mohanty


28th October 2015 at 6.30pm
Solo Odissi dance recital by Kumkum Mohanty
Odissi dance presentation by Tridhara. Choreography: Guru Gajendra Panda, Music: Guru Gopal Chandra Panda and Laxmikant Palit, Ukuta: Guru Dhaneswar Swain.

Saroja Vaidyanathan

Pandit Debajyoti Bose

29th October 2015 at 6.30pm
Solo Bharatanatyam dance by Saroja Vaidyanathan
Solo Sarod recital by Pandit Debajyoti Bose

Ananda Shankar Jayant

Pandit  Rajendra Gangani

30th October 2015 at 6.30pm
Solo Kuchipudi dance recital by Ananda Shankar Jayant
Kathak dance recital by Guru Pandit Rajendra Ganagani

Relevance of organising Guru Debaprasad Award Festival - from 2007 to 2015

2007 - The first award was given to Guru Mayadhar Raut, a contemporary of Guru Debaprasad Das, who along with Debaprasad Das and the other two legendary gurus, Guru Pankaj Charan Das and Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, contributed immensely in shaping the Odissi dance form.

- The second award was given to Guru Durlava Chandra Singh of Puri, one of very senior
gurus of Odissi  dance & theatre.

2009 - The third award was conferred on Guru Raghunath Dutta who taught for several years at Kala Vikash Kendra. He has also composed many Odissi dance dramas.

2010 - The fourth award was given to Yamini Krishnamurti, a legendary dancer and a disciple of Guru Pankaj Charan Das.

2011 - For the 5th year, the award for was given to senior most Odissi exponent Dr. Minati Mishra who in her early eighties, amazes onlookers by her command over the technique, the stillness in her postures, and the yogic quality of her dances. She served Utkal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya as a Principal for many years.

2012 - For the 6th year, the award was given to Aloka Panikar (Odissi), Radha Shreedhar (Bharatanatyam), Vyjayanthi Kashi (Kuchipudi), Shovana Narayan (Kathak).

2013 - For the 7th year, the award was given to Guru Sudhakar Sahu (Odissi), Geeta Chandran (Bharatanatyam) Dr.Anita Ratnam (Contemporary) and Sashadhar Acharya (Chhau).

2014 - For the 8th year, the award was presented to Bijayalaxmi Mohanty (Odissi), Jayant Kastuar (Kathak) Guru Jatin Goswami (Sattriya) and Manju  Barggavee (Kuchipudi)

2015 - For the 9th year, the award will be presented to Kumkum Mohanty (Odissi Dance), Saroja Vaidyanathan (Bharatanatyam), Ananda Shankar Jayant (Kuchipudi), Pandit  Rajendra Gangani (Kathak)

TRIDHARA is a pioneering institute which has been promoting dance and music in the State of Odisha as well as in India and overseas countries since last forty years. The institute upholds and disseminates the unique style of its founder Late Guru Debaprasad Das and promotes the distinguished gharana imbibing essences from tribal and folk traditions in the classical dance, especially in Odissi dance. The institute has its branches in Calcutta, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Paralakhemundi in India. Its overseas branches are in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. The institute has been affiliated to Akhila Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai. Each year more than 100 students are passing out of the institute. Students from different states and countries are undergoing training in Odissi dance. Tridhara also conducts International Summer Odissi Dance Workshop each year through the month of May. Besides this, Tridhara is engaged in promoting study and research work related to Odissi dance, especially the unique style of Guru Debaprasad Das through seminars, workshops, study, demonstration, documentation, collection and storing of books and audio visual materials related to dance and music. The organization has been organizing festivals regularly.

Guru Debaprasad Das needs no introduction to dance lovers, especially since he helped platform Odissi in a big way. His star disciple Indrani Rahman first brought Odissi to notice of world outside India at the 1958 Delhi seminar where critics Charles Fabri and Mohan Khokar first saw and wrote rave reviews about the form. Thus Guru Debaprasad Das holds paramount position in the establishment of Odissi as a form in its early days. His students are legion: Guru Sudhakar Sahu,Guru Durga Charn Ranbir Ramli Ibrahim and Gajendra Panda, who being the youngest of three has been mounting festivals and awards as guru bhakti.

Gajendra Kumar Panda
Guru Gajendra Kumar Panda born in Lokanathpur, Chatrapur (Orissa), has developed into the foremost custodian of the Debaprasad parampara of Odissi. He represents one of the most dynamic young gurus in Odissi who is making significant contribution to the new Odissi repertoire. Immersed during his childhood in the culturally rich folk tradition of the Ganjam district, Gajendra was later fired by the passion for Debaprasad’s art. It was Gaji whom Debaprasad relied upon to remember his dance compositions so that by the time of his death (1986), Gajendra has absorbed almost all of Debaprasad’s existing repertoire.

Gajendra has been visualizing and choreographing new works ever since his guru’s demise. Gajendra’s intense guru-shishya relationship with Debaprasad had inspired Ramli Ibrahim to conceive the script for ‘Adoration’ which culminated in performances in Singapore, New Delhi, Bhubaneswar and Chennai (1985-1996). ‘Night of Purnima’ was Gajendra’s next choreography (1987). Gajendra participated in several festivals in New York and Chicago organized by the late Indrani Rahman. He is a qualified teacher and performer for I.C.C.R. Tridhara has concluded successful tours to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. Gajendra Panda has been instrumental in popularizing Odisha’s scintillating dance and music tradition in SE Asia.

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