Ashish Mohan Khokarís
Attendance Annual Awards 2015
Alliance Francaise de Bangalore, 6pm
December 5, 2015 Bangalore

November 24, 2015

The Attendance Annual Awards ceremony will be held as part of the 6th year of Dance DISCourse Series, in collaboration with Alliance Francaise de Bangalore and Bangalore School of Music on Saturday December 5, 2015.

5.45-6pm: Nagaswaram welcome
6.01pm: Film on past awards and attendance
6.15pm: Dance by Aishwarya Nityanand, ace disciple of awardee Guru Radha Shridhar
6.30pm: Dance presentation by Nritarutya Ensemble of Bangalore, awardees for Choreography
7pm: Dance recital by senior Guru Padmini Ravi
7.30pm: Award ceremony follows with Pada Puja, short films on each awardee and ends with dinner for DHS members meeting the awardees.

The Search Committee shortlisted following worthies for 2015 awards.

Attendance - the yearbook of Indian dance - now in its 18th year, edited and published by Elisabeth & Ashish Khokar, as part of KHOKAR DANCE FOUNDATIONís main activity. It also bestows 5 awards annually named after legendary dance figures. The awards have very clear criteria: it must go to someone who has not received ANY national honour till date, so deserves and values it much. An awardee must have 20 years of solid and sincere body of work behind and potential for atleast 20 more years (so the median age is 40-60) and the awardee must serve the mission of legend after whom the award is named and given. Awardees do not receive customary shining shawls or cash prizes but internship with a professional dance co. or group abroad and career linkages at home, to take their art forward. The Jury is kept secret so no one can canvass. The awards are in its 5th year now and one outcome is that those who have received in the past, soon get a national award, so much is its efficacy and credibility.