Mahagami Gurukul presents
Tasmai Shree Gurve Namah
August 29 & 30, 2015 Aurangabad

August 24, 2015

MAHAGAMI, Mahatma Gandhi Mission Sangeet Academy, Aurangabad is one of the premiere dance gurukuls in India that imparts training in Kathak and Odissi dance forms based on the guru-shishya tradition. Kathak and Odissi exponent Parwati Dutta is the director and guru at Mahagami since 1996.

Mahagami Gurukul entered the 20th year of its existence on this Guru-Poornima on 31 July 2015. In the past 2 decades, the organization has grown from strength to strength and this was only possible because of the undying faith and support of all its rasikas, well-wishers, devoted students and enlightened art-lovers. Mahagamiís varied activities are aimed at promoting the cultural heritage of India in general and Aurangabad in particular. 

Mahagami presents a 2-day festival on 29 & 30 August 2015. TASMAI SHREE GURVE NAMAH is a regular festival series of MAHAGAMI that showcases performances of guru and disciples.

August 29:
Odissi by Parwati Dutta and Mahagami disciples

August 30:
Kathak by Parwati Dutta and Mahagami disciples

Time: 6pm to 9pm
Venue: Rukmini Sabhagriha, Mahatma Gandhi Mission, N 6. CIDCO, Aurangabad 431003
Invitation passes of the festival are available at Mahagami office.

MAHAGAMI has pioneered in preservation, promotion and training of Indian art forms. Ranging from training imparted in time-honored guru-shishya parampara to more than 2000 students, to presenting a variety of programs like seminars, baithaks, festivals to heritage-series on Aurangabad named ĎAura-Aurangabad,í to promoting the talent and traditions of this region in the rest of the world and making the Indian cultural tradition global, Mahagami has contributed immensely towards Indian culture and in making Aurangabad a culturally vibrant city.

Info: (0240) - 6421054 (extn 33)