Kartik Fine Arts presents 15th Natya Darshan
Designing Space: The Creative Process
Dance Symposium
January 20 & 21, 2016 Chennai

January 8, 2016

This dance symposium is a continuation of the interdisciplinary dialogue of the arts started in 2014. ‘Lotuses Blossom’ and ‘Designing Space’ conceptualized by Malavika Sarukkai are structured with the purpose of opening up the discourse on the “making of art.” During the course of two evenings, there will be an astounding six premiers of new work by artists. This year the line of poetry weaving the evening concerts together is “The Rising Light Fills Space” - “Jvaala Vyapnoti Aakaasam”.  Artists will create individual dance choreographies around this line giving the audience a thought provoking  rich  kaleidoscopic  view of  multiple possibilities in interpretation and ingenuity in imagination revealing  the amazing potential of Indian art.

Malavika Sarukkai

Guru M.K. Saroja

Gauri Sharma Tripathi

Rajkumar Bharathi

Jan 20 (Wednesday morning)
9.15 – 9.25am: Inauguration by L. Sabaretnam
9.25 – 9.35am: Welcome address by Malavika Sarukkai
9.35 – 9.55am: THE EARTHEN POT by Navia Natarajan
9.55 – 10.25am: CREATIVE PROCESS IN BHARATANATYAM by Chitra Visweswaran
10.25-10.55am: Illustrated talk on THE HINDU TEMPLE- IN SPACE AND TIME by Chithra Madhavan
10.55 – 11.15am: Tea break
11.15-11.30am: Film on AIYELLU-THE MASTER TAILOR by Madrasika
11.30-11.50am:  KOLAM by Jyotsna Jagannathan
11.50-12.10pm: Illustrated talk on Costume Design by Sandhya Raman
12.10-12.40pm: DESIGN IN MUSIC by Rajkumar Bharathi

Jan 20 (Wednesday evening)
4.30-5.30pm: Kapila Venu presents SHAKUNTHALATHIROBHAVAM (Kutiyattam)
5.45 - 6.45pm: Gauri Sharma Tripathi presents ANTAHKARNA (Kathak)
7 - 8.15pm: Leela Samson presents ANTARANG - THE INNER BODY (Bharatanatyam)
8.15pm: Q & A

Ananda Shankar Jayant

Mandakini Trivedi

Amrita Lahiri

Mythili Prakash

Jan 21 (Thursday morning)
9.15 - 9.25 am: Welcome address by Malavika Sarukkai
9.25 – 9.50am: Film on Guru M.K. Saroja followed by Felicitation of Guru M.K. Saroja with the Lifetime Achievement Award
9.50-10.20am: Lecture Demonstration by Mandakini Trivedi on THE MANIFOLD EXPRESSIONS OF SPACE IN CLASSICAL INDIAN DANCE (Mohiniattam)
10.20-10.50am: SARI ‘DESIGN’ IN HANDLOOM WEAVING: AN INTERPRETATION, illustrated talk by Aarti Kawlra
10.50 – 11.10am: Tea break
11.10-11.45am: Round table discussion:  Aarti Kawlra, Leela Venkataraman, Chithra Madhavan, Malavika Sarukkai
11.45-12.25pm: Illustrated talk on Dance Theatre by Gowri Ramnarayan (SIGHT AND INSIGHT) and Ananda Shankar Jayant (ENSEMBLE CHOREOGRAPHY: DESIGNING IDEAS)
12.25-12.45pm: MURCHHANA: THE SPIRIT OF SANGEETH by Amrita Lahiri (Kuchipudi)

Jan 21 (Thursday evening)
4.30-5.30pm: Mythili Prakash presents JWALA: FLAME (Bharatanatyam)
5.45 - 6.45pm: Sharmila Biswas presents DARSHAN (Odissi)
7 - 8.15pm: Vaibhav Arekar presents NAAMA MHANE…. AN AWAKENING (Bharatanatyam)
8.15pm: Q & A

At: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore, Chennai
Conceptualized and Curated by Malavika Sarukkai

Morning sessions are free, evening shows are ticketed
Valet parking will be available at venue in the evenings.
For tickets, please contact Kartik Fine Arts: 24997788 / 90948 29675