New Dimensions Arts Management & Sampad Arts
Present Navadisha 2016
At mac Birmingham
May 20 - 22, 2016 UK

April 16, 2016

New Dimensions Arts Management in partnership with Sampad Arts hosts NAVADISHA 2016 – an industry-wide ground-breaking South Asian Dance conference from 20 to 22 May 2016 at mac Birmingham.

One of the largest gatherings of artists, organisations, pundits, policymakers, funders and fans of dance under one roof, Navadisha 2016 is a trailblazing conference that seeks to stimulate, steer and secure the future of South Asian Dance as part of the UK’s ever growing dance landscape.

Navadisha 2016 will pose questions that are crucial for South Asian dance today, as it celebrates breakthrough achievements and exciting developments in and around the sector during the fifteen years since Navadisha 2000, which launched a whole new chapter in the history of South Asian dance in the UK.

Navadisha 2016 (meaning ‘new directions’ in Sanskrit) will undoubtedly re-affirm the prominence of South Asian dance, which so many of us encounter, work with or simply enjoy as a vital part of UK dance.

The three day program will cover a range of topics - from artist and audience development to advocacy and operating in a competitive environment, while provoking dialogue about contemporary issues impacting South Asian dance creation and distribution and demonstrating models of excellence and innovation.

Navadisha 2016 will feature Keynote Addresses by Akram Khan, Shobana Jeyasingh and Mavin Khoo – internationally acclaimed performers/choreographers and instigators of new dynamics in British dance. Alongside the stellar list of industry leaders who will share their knowledge and wisdom, there will be exemplary showcases, performances, films and exhibitions, a vibrant market place for ‘pitching’ opportunities to potential promoters and investors, as well as networking opportunities.

The conference will feature: key speeches by Akram Khan, Naseem Khan, Shobana Jeyasingh and others, the impressive visions and aspirations of dancers currently inscribing their imprint on South Asian dance such as Aakash Odedra, Sonia Sabri, Seeta Patel, Shane Shambhu and Balbir Singh; signposts on Outdoor Arts from genre innovators led by Akademi; International perspectives from Anita Ratnam, Hari Krishnan, Lata Pada, and new generation interlocutors; Inspiring sessions on Dance, Health & Change with Aloknanda Roy and Sohini Chakraborty (India); Latest insights into Dance & Disability with Bisakha Sarker and Anusha Subramanyam; Opportunities and gaps in Training & Development led by the ISTD and Centre for Advanced Dance Training; and much more. Conference moderator: Chitra Sundaram.

The event will be a rare and invaluable opportunity for dance practitioners teachers | students | academics | agencies | programmers | venues | promoters | investors | policy-makers & South Asian dance enthusiasts.

Pre-Conference event on 17 May at the Nehru Centre, London - 6.30pm
Conference Launch on 19 May at Crescent Theatre, Birmingham - 6.30pm

Details about Pre-Conference event

Presented by Chitra Sundaram, this pre-conference event will give an overview of South Asian dance, its diversity, relevance and exciting new developments in the UK, in the lead-up to Navadisha 2016. The trailblazing conference in Birmingham will pose new questions that are crucial for South Asian dance in the UK today. At the same time, it will celebrate breakthrough achievements and exciting developments in and around the sector, especially in the last fifteen years since Navadisha 2000.

Performances of Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Contemporary work will be presented by rising and established performers: Hiten Mistry, Parbati Chaudhury, Divya Kasturi and Shane Shambhu.

The evening will also include a dialogue with the international artist Anita Ratnam, and conversations with UK-based artists Divya Kasturi and Shane Shambhu, who are all featured speakers at the main conference. There will be Q&A opportunities for the audience.


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