Kalasri celebrates 40th anniversary
Premiere of Himalaya
Oct 21 & 23, 2016 Bern
Oct 29 & 30, 2016 Basel

September 21, 2016

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Swiss-Indian dance and music company Kalasri presents dance theater HIMALAYA on 21st and 23 October in Bern and on 29th and 30th October in Basel. 10 dancers and 4 musicians perform a playful dialogue in a mystical dance and soundscape. Bharatanatyam, Kathak and elements of folk dance and yoga are interlinked and mythological stories presented in dance.

In 1976, Esther Jenny and D. Keshava founded Kalasri, the school of Yoga and Indian dance in Basel and the Swiss-Indian dance ensemble. D. Keshava, Anjali Keshava, Sumitra Keshava and the Kalasri Dance Ensemble present the dance theater ‘Himalaya.’

Dancers: D. Keshava, Anjali Keshava, Sumitra Keshava, Bharati Vittal, Marina Weiss, Michèle Stöcklin, Jasmin Fröhlich, Madura Ratnesh, Mandip Singh, Kaya Charan
Musicians: Prateev, Rukshan, Jannath, Suthy

21 October:
Humanushaus, Beitenwil Rubigen Bern, 7.30pm
Info and tickets: info@humanushaus.ch, Tel. 031 838 11 11

23 October:
Theater am Käfigturm Bern, 6.30pm
Info and tickets: www.theater-am-kaefigturm.ch, Tel. 031 311 61 00
29 October:
Scala Basel, 8pm
Info and tickets: www.kalasri.com/tickets, Tel. 061 302 08 62

30 October:
Scala Basel, 6.30pm
Info and tickets: www.kalasri.com/tickets, Tel. 061 302 08 62
Tickets: CHF 35 adults / CHF 20 youth

About ‘Himalaya’
300 km long - 350 km wide - 40-50 million years old - over 8000 meter high

Where Shiva created the world through dance
Where love became invisible
Where the river goddess Ganga poured from the sky to earth
Where gods and demons competed for the drink of immortality

As a holy pilgrimage site for Hindus or a trekking area for tourists, the mystical mountain chain Himalaya represents a unique source of attraction. Why still today do countless pilgrims hike to the holy mountain? How do people and animals live in this breathtaking yet dangerous and at the same time endangered nature? In ‘Himalaya,’ choreographer D. Keshava opens up a mysterious world where today’s challenges and mythology merge. You will discover stories about the home of Shiva, the cosmic god of dance, and enjoy the contemporary interaction with the river Ganga, expressed through dance and music.

Info: sumitra@kalasri.com
Website: www.kalasri.com