Natyanjali Trust presents
10th Nartaka Festival
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 5pm
October 21-23, 2016 Chennai

September 29, 2016

Natyanjali Trust celebrates 10 years of the NARTAKA FESTIVAL - a dance festival exclusively for male dancers.

Prema Satish, artistic director of the festival says: “It is with great pleasure that we present the 10th edition of the Nartaka Festival. Since its inception in 2007, the Nartaka Festival has presented classical, modern and contemporary dancers from all over India and abroad. Each year a renowned dance artist is presented the NARTAKA AWARD for excellence in dance. Over the last decade the festival has slowly but surely grown into a critically acclaimed dance festival, with dancers from all over the world applying to participate. The Nartaka Award 2016 will be presented to dancer Satyanarayana Raju.”

The three day festival will showcase 9 dancers, who will each present a solo performance. This year the focus will be on classic varnams, with each of the dancers performing a varnam of the glorious Tanjavur Quartet and their descendants. The dancers will explore a varnam of the Quartet which is not often seen on proscenium stages in Chennai or elsewhere.

Dates: 21, 22 and 23 October 2016
Venue: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore
Time: 5pm
All are welcome.

Oct 21:
5pm: Venkatakrishnan Mahalingam
6pm: Award function
6.20pm: Satyanarayana Raju
7.20pm: Christopher Guruswamy

Oct 22:
5pm: KP Rakesh
6pm: PV Adithya
7pm: Hari Padman

Oct 23:
5pm: P Praveen Kumar
6pm: Avijit Das (Kuchipudi)
7pm: Girish Madhu

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Venkatakrishnan Mahalingam
presents varnam “Adhi moham konden maane”
Ragam – Sankarabharanam, Talam – adi, Composer - Ponnayya
‘Swamy, I am so in love with you, will you not come? You are generous, is it fair to delay at this time? With the cool evening breeze, I am filled with desire and my heart longs to be with you. Alas, Madana has come and struck my heart with his flowery arrows, I cannot bear this separation any longer. Please come!’

Sathyanarayana Raju
presents varnam “Sami ninne korinanura”
Ragam – Ragamalika, Talam – rupakam, Composer - Thanjaai Ponnayya
‘Sami, my desire for you is limitless! It is you alone I want to have! I am now completely yours; how can others claim me? My lover, who dwells in the magnificent Tanjavur, this is the right time for us to be together, come quickly and accept me alone as your lover! This young woman has been waiting, with overflowing ecstasy, with admiration, and with all her heart! There is no more beautiful woman than I am, so do not delay, with any thoughts of indifference or denying that you love me, I am calling out to you, please come, and give me the nectar of your lips. Just as you did then, embrace me, hold me tight and shower me with your love!’

Christopher Gurusamy
performs varnam “Sarojakshiro vibhuni i samayamuna”
Ragam – Kambhoji, Talam – adi, Composer: Thanjaai Vadivelu
‘My dear friend, with eyes as beautiful as the lotus, now that the evening has come, will you bring my Lord here to me? The time is ripe for us to make love. He is ‘ratilola’, the one who enjoys the ‘sport’ of lovemaking. Bring to me my lover, Lord Brihadishwara. Manmatha has shot his flowery arrows at my bosom, and now I am overflowing with desire. This is not the time to delay. I cannot bear this separation any longer! Compassionate one, I ask you: Sarojakshiro, vibhuni i samayamuna!’

Rakesh KP
presents Swarajathi “Sami mel chindai aginen, sakiye migavum”
Ragam – Chakravakam, Talam – rupakam, Composer – Ponnayya
‘Dear friend, I am consumed with the memories of my lover. He is none other than the compassionate, Malugra Pandya. Oh friend, I am anxious with anticipation, why do you act so indifferent? Please go with my message of love. And bring him to me!’

Adithya PV
performs varnam “Sarasijaskudu nivani cala ivela”
Ragam – Kalyani, Talam – adi, Composer - Thanjai Sivanandam
'My lotus eyed Lord, I am overflowing with passion! I have come here at this time, do not ignore me! Is it fair to do so? Please do not delay, embrace me quickly! You who dwells in ‘dakshina dvaraka’ why do you ignore me? You are a lad with good taste, I am suitable for you, please take me! You are endowed with captivating and enchanting beauty, Rajagopala, however much you may be captivated by the art of music, dance, please do not leave me! Cupid is showering his flowery arrows at my bosom, and now my senses are filled with desire! I cannot tolerate being separated from you. Kokila birds fill the air with their cooing sound, they are mating, which is extremely unbearable for me, as I long for your love! Only you are my ideal lover! Sami, Gopala, come quickly, protect me and love me!'

Hari Padman
performs varnam “Mohalahiri konden Swamy”
Ragam – Todi, Talam – adi, Composer - Thanjaai Sivanandam
‘Swamy, the love that I have for you has no limits. Every nerve in my body longs to be with you! Why do you pretend to be otherwise engaged? Alas, Kāmadeva has aimed his flowery arrows at me; I am filled with desire for you! The cool evening breeze that caresses my face stokes a fire inside me. Here I wait for you on a bed made of fragrant flowers; I cannot bear this any longer. Please come quickly and 'steal’ me away! Oh Rajagopala, for I am, 'mohalahiri konden swamy!’

Praveen Kumar
presents Swarajathi “Sarojakshiro na sami”
Ragam – Yudukulakāmbhōji, Talam – rupakam, Composer - Thanjai Naalvar
‘Oh friend, please bring my Lord. Is it fair for him to ignore me at this time? Here I wait on a bed made of fragrant flowers; the roses have dried and are no longer soft. Please rush and bring him to me at this very moment. I cannot bear Manmatha’s arrows any longer, I am filled with desire.’

Girish Madhu
performs Swarajathi “Neeye arulayo thaaye”
Ragam – Bhairavi, Talam – adi, Composer – Thanjai Naalvar
‘Thaaye, Nilayatakshi! Will you not shower your grace upon me? You are the incomparable mother. Please grant us the gift of offering Tamizh Isai at your lotus feet. You are the one who sits on the left side of Lord Shiva. I am singing your praise continuously, oh mother.’