Mahagami presents
Sarngadeva Prasang
Sarngadeva Samaroh
Jan 20-23, 2017 Aurangabad

January 18, 2017

The Sangita-Ratnakara of Śārńgadēva (13th century) is one of the most important musicological texts from India, which both Hindustani music and Carnatic music regard as a definitive text. The text is also known as Saptadhyayi as it is divided into 7 chapters. The first six chapters -Svaragatādhyāya, Rāgavivekādhyāya, Prakīrņakādhyāya, Prabandhādhyāya, Tālādhyāya, Vādyādhyāya, Nartanādhyāya deal with the various aspects of music, musical instruments and Taal while the last chapter Nartanādhyāya deals with dance. This work was written by Śārńgadēva in the end of 13th century. The author was attached to the court of Yadava King Singhana, whose capital was Devagiri (the present Daulatabad, Aurangabad in South Maharashtra).

ŚĀRŃGADĒVA PRASANGA, the morning seminar, is of great academic and archival value for the keen students of Gayan-Vaadan-Nartan and also for the researchers and rasikas. The festival, in a span of 8 years, has earned the honor of being the truest tribute to Aurangabad heritage and cultural history with a pan-Indian perspective and indeed, an important landmark event in the field of cultural heritage and research on arts world-wide.

Aurangabad based dance gurukul MAHAGAMI organizes the 8th ŚĀRŃGADĒVA SAMAROH from 20 to 23 January 2017 at MAHAGAMI, Aurangabad. ŚĀRŃGADĒVA SAMAROH (Music & Dance Festival) & ŚĀRŃGADĒVA PRASANGA (Seminar) has earned the reputation of being one of the mainstream dance & music festivals in India and the only one in the region of Marathwada in Maharashtra which caters to the artistic and academic quests of rasikas and music and dance-aspirants every year.

ŚĀRŃGADĒVA SAMMAN – a national award named after Sarngadev – was instituted by Parwati Dutta, Director, MAHAGAMI in 2011 which is conferred every year to a great Guru or scholar in the field of Indian traditional art. This year, the award will be given to the great theatre guru, thinker and playwright Ratan Thiyam.


20 January
Guru Darshana Jhaveri - Research process in Manipuri Dance Tradition & vision of Guru Bipin Singh
Pt. Arun Kashalkar - Musical vision of various Gharanas
Parwati Dutta - Choreographic possibilities through Research on treatises with focus on Sangeet Ratnakar

21 January
Ratan Thiyam – Traditional elements in Theatre
Prerana Shrimali – Stylistic features of Jaipur Gharana Kathak and vision of Guru Kundan Lal Gangani
Dr. Ranjana Shrivastav - Gharaghara and Tatakara: Manifesting the Un-manifested with special reference to Kathaka

22 January
Buddhadev Das – Origin and development of Esraj
Parvathy Baul – Baul Tradition of Bengal

23 January
Bhai Baldeep Singh – Legacy of Gurbani Sangeet and Sikh Kirtan; Vadya Parampara of “Jodi”
Bijay Kumar Sahoo – Gotipua Tradition
Madhavi Puranam – An Indian Analysis of Aesthetics: The Dance, the Dancer and the Spectator

At: MAHAGAMI, Mahatma Gandh Mission, N-6, CIDCO, Aurangabad 431003. Maharashtra

For details: 9372093189, 0240-6421054 (ext 32, 33),