Anita Ratnam presents
A Million Sitas
Feb 19: Pondicherry Heritage Festival
Feb 20: Remembering Veenapani festival, Pondicherry

January 30, 2017

Anita Ratnam presents A MILLION SITA-s in her Neo Bharatam style, in an evening of dance, theatre, music, visuals and performance design that will bring hidden and surprising accents to this much told and retold story.

Photos: Kanakaraj

Five women are sketched in this work... Mandodari, Ahalya, Manthara, Surpanakha and the eternal Sita who holds them all together.  Anita colours this well known and beloved theme with her palette of eclectic accents through movement, life experience and theatre training.

- Feb 19: The 3rd Pondicherry Heritage Festival, 7pm
At: GRATITUDE HERITAGE Guest House, 52 Rue Roman Rolland, Pondicherry
Info: (0413) - 2225029 / +91 94420 65029 /
- Feb 20: Remembering Veenapani festival, 7pm
At: ADISHAKTI, Edayanchavadi Road, Diagonally Opposite to Hope, near Auroville
Contact: (0413) 2622287 / + 91 9487514962 /

Concept, Research and Performance: Anita Ratnam
Music: Sharanya Krishnan
Costumes: Sandhya Raman
Dramaturg and Visual Design: Hari Krishnan and Rex
Recorded score: Vedanth Bharadwaj
Props and Masks: Neelay Sengupta

Twitter: @aratnam