RasaBodhi Arts Foundation presents
EVAM 2017
March 10-12, 2017 Mumbai

March 5, 2017

RasaBodhi Arts foundation presents its third edition of EVAM featuring an interesting lineup of all premiere productions, 3 workshops & a seminar.

EVAM 2017 - 'Bharatanatyam &...' 'Celebrating the spirit of collaboration'

Rama & Dakshina Vaidyanathan

Vaibhav Arekar

Himanshu & Shubha

Keertana Ravi & Amit Kumar

10th March, 8pm onwards at Yaswanth Rao Chauhan Natygruha, Matunga
-Bharatanatyam & Bharatanatyam - Duet by Himanshu & Shubha
-Contemporary & Bharatanatyam - Duet by Amit Kumar (DanceWorxx Ashley Lobo) & Keerthana
-Kathak by Rani Khanam

11th March at Prabhadevi
Contemporary Workshop by Amit Kumar
Bharatanatyam Workshop by Rama Vaidyanathan
Kathak Workshop by Rani Khanam.

Rani Khanum


12th March, a seminar in dance from 9am - 1.30 pm at Rachna Sansad, Prabhadevi, in association with Brahmnaad
Covering topics of dance & fitness, dance & literature, dance & design and a career in dance.
Speakers will range from Marketing professionals, dancers, scholars & fitness experts. 

Dance & fitness
Mehul Lal - Founder, Director at Svasti, The Fitness-Nutrition Studio
Amit Kumar - Contemporary Dancer at Danceworxx
A practical session on fitness, body conditioning, & busting myths on nutrition for dancers.

Dance & context
Setting the context for young dancers
Importance of understanding the roots by Guru Mandakini Trivedi
Importance of Theory & Teermanam by Guru Deepak Mazumdar
Tools to empower dancers to understand the history, relevance and importance of Indian texts.
Aim: To delve deeper, understand, create, choreograph and practice dance in a more holistic manner.

Dance & Design
Designing Space - An understanding of costumes & light design for stage by Sushant Jadav, Sankhya Dance Company
Marketing & designing for dance - a professional perspective of using social media and other marketing tools by Rajeesh, CEO Buzzed Media network.
Social media for impact & change - Parshwanath Upadhye, Punyah Dance Company

Designing of space on stage its need and relevance. Designing as a part of marketing its importance and tools to use effectively.

Dance as a career
DanceORS - A session by young DanceORS - Dancers who also organize and aspire to create a change in the cultural milieu.

-Rupak Mehta - Brahmanaad - Managing Director, Brahmnaad Arts
'I dream to make Brahmnaad the classical hub of Mumbai' - Changing the paradigm from top 
-Mithun Shyam Founder, Vaishnavi Natyashala
'I dream of a classical arts Institution based on Guru Shishya Parampara with my lessons from the corporate world' - Redefining the teaching paradigm
-Arundati Patwardhan - Kalavardhini Sankul
'I dream of making Pune the cultural capital of Maharashtra' - Maintaining cultural identity in a fast changing city.
-Vaidehi Rele - Nalanda
'I dream of making dance more accessible' - Redefining relevance in changing times
-Kiranmayee - Founder Hema Arangam
'I dream of making Hyderabad take Bharatanatyam seriously' - Engaging & building new audiences
-Masoom Parmar - Founder Dhi Company, Dancer & Arts Manager
-Radhika Shetty - Nrityaangan, Mangalore- Small city big impact
-Nehha Bhatnagar - Sarvam Foundation, Delhi - GenNext Arts entrepreneur setting new trends 
-Pompi Paul - Kalpodip, Jalpaigudi - Building rasikas in Jalpaigudi 
-Shivangee - Rasadwani, Ahmedabad - Crowd funding a dance production

Convenors: Prachi Saave Saathi & Shyamhari Chakra

For registrations please write to rasabodhiartsfoundation@gmail.com or call +919845263278.

12th March, 7.30pm at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi
Bharatanatyam & Secular themes
Presented by Rama Vaidyanathan & Dakshina Vaidyanathan

Bharatanatyam & Theatre
'Venugaan,' a Ranga Nritya, Vaibhav Arekar in collaboration with Hemanth Hazare

For tickets, call Keerthana 9845263278, Malini 8861099016 or Nithya 9920429804.