Drishti Art Foundation presents
13th Drishti National Dance Festival
Chowdiah Memorial Hall
January 13, 2018 Bangalore

December 29, 2017

The 13th edition of the DRISHTI NATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL 2018 celebrating Indian classical dance forms will be held on Saturday, 13th January 2018 at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru. A consistently successful event since its inception, the Drishti National Dance Festival (the brainchild of Bharatanatyam dancer Anuradha Vikranth and her husband T M Vikranth) is now a benchmark for all dance festivals in Bengaluru. Having steadily gained renown for creative presentations, stellar performances, pioneering publicity and overwhelming audiences, the Drishti National Dance Festival brings together, in its 13th annual show, some of the finest artists gracing the dance stage.

Date: Saturday 13th January 2018
Venue: Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Vyalikaval, Bangalore
Time: 6pm
All are welcome.

NAMANA - A TRIBUTE TO THREE DANCE LEGENDS OF INDIA BY CELEBRATED DANCERS to mark the 13th edition of the Drishti National Dance Festival.

  1. Maya Namana - Nirupama Rajendra and T D Rajendra and the Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography ensemble led by dancer Madhu Nataraj pay tribute to Guru Maya Rao in a Kathak presentation.
  2. Narmada Namana - Sathyanarayana Raju, Praveen Kumar, Soundarya Srivathsa and Anuradha Vikranth pay tribute to Guru Narmada in a Bharatanatyam presentation.
  3. Padmini Namana - Young, dynamic dancers Keertana Ravi, Mithun Shyam, Sruthi Parshwanath, Sneha Devanandan, and Priyanka Raghavan pay tribute to Guru Padmini Ramachandran in a Bharatanatyam presentation

Guru Prof. C V Chandrasekar from Chennai and Dr Sunil Kothari from New Delhi will be felicitated with DRISHTI PURASKAR for their contributions to the field of dance.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i6Yb5wyLAg

For info:

Ph: 98455 55422 / 98455 55411
e-mail: drishtiartcentre@gmail.com / anuvikranth@gmail.com

Drishti Art Foundation
Established by Bharatanatyam dancer Anuradha Vikranth and her husband T M Vikranth from Bengaluru, Drishti Art Foundation is dedicated to nurturing, promoting and propagating classical arts.

Lines of activities of "Drishti"
  •  Drishti Art Centre: headed by Bharatanatyam danseuse Anuradha Vikranth currently trains many aspiring students in the art form.
  • Drishti Media, the designing unit, specializes in designing and printing brochures, magazines and other exclusive publications.
  • Drishti Dance Ensemble is a platform to perform provided by Drishti Art Centre to promote young talented dancers.
  • DRISHTI NATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL, organized annually since 2006, brings together established as well as fresh talents from various forms of classical dances every year, from across the country. Drishti Dance Festival is noted for creative presentations, stellar performances, pioneering publicity and overwhelming audiences
  • Drishti with others: Organises workshops, seminars and so on in collaboration with other cultural organizations to promote classical arts.
Anuradha Vikranth, an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer, is known for her creativity, vibrancy and grace. Her enthusiastic pursuit of deeper knowledge in the field of dance has strengthened her ingenuity as an adept dancer and a creative choreographer, and helped her be a better and supportive mentor.  Over the years, she has created a niche for herself in the field of dance, with her broad artistic vision, expanding her range of skills through several innovations. She has given many performances on prestigious occasions both in India and other countries and won appreciation from critics and art lovers alike.

Anuradha is the founder and director of 'Drishti Art Centre', a premier dance institute, where she imparts training in Bharatanatyam to aspiring students. She is an 'A' graded artist of Doordarshan. She holds a Master's Degree in Bharatanatyam. She is currently the secretary of World Dance AllianceľKarnataka Chapter.

She along with her husband, T M Vikranth, is the architect of the annual Drishti National Dance festival since 2006.

Email: drishtiartcentre@gmail.com / anuvikranth@gmail.com
Website: www.drishtimag.com / www.anuradhavikranth.com