Shambhavi School of Dance presents
Samsa Bayalu Rangamandira, 5pm
March 4, 2018 Bangalore

March 1, 2018

Nayika is an innovative seminar on Kuchipudi style of Indian classical dance, organized by Shambhavi School of Dance headed by Vyjayanthi Kashi, Kuchipudi exponent. It is an interesting attempt to bring to light the past history of Kuchipudi and also introduce to the audience the trials and tribulations, elation and challenges in the lives of dancers and gurus.

The fifth edition of Nayika brings together four women dancers and gurus from different generations who will narrate their personal experiences and journey in dance and also present their artistry through performances. The seminar and festival is aimed at discovering, demonstrating and discussing the contribution of women to Kuchipudi. This year is special as the focus is on the contribution of non Telugu dancers to Kuchipudi which was earlier a male dominated Yakshaganam.

Come hear the speakers, watch them perform and get inspired. Enjoy, observe, learn, question and share your insights.