Sparsh presents
Murchhana: Eternal spirit of music
By Sharmila Biswas & OVM
April 6, 2018 Kolkata
March 6, 2018
Sparsh presents Murchhana: Eternal spirit of music choreographed and performed by Sharmila Biswas along with her repertoire members of OVM on 6th April at 7pm, at G D Birla Sabhagar, Kolkata.

Choreographer's note
The story of Murchhana was often narrated to me by the Mrudanga players, while I was conducting research on the rural percussion instruments of Odisha. During the annual Mrudanga making season, this story is repeatedly told through verses and songs, as a part of the Mrudanga purification ritual. It's a part of their oral tradition. It is believed that whenever a man plays the Mrudanga, his whole being immersed in his art, Murchhana, the spirit, enters and possesses the Mrudanga, stirring the artist to his very core, transforming him. Thus the performance is elevated to a spiritual level and it brings supreme bliss.

The rural Mrudanga players draw inspiration from three popular Indian myths,extend and reimagine them, to explore the concept of Murchhana. The first story describes Rambha and Brahma discovering music, simple and primitive, in the newly born universe. The next story is about the music arising from passion, and the quest for everlasting youth. It is relayed through the narrative of the Gods and Mohini, the female form of Vishnu. In the last story, music is given structure in the hands of Krishna, when he transforms the body of Tungavidiya into Mrudanga and dances in the Rasleela.

The story of Murchhana has a mystical quality and many subtleties. It has a rustic spirituality. It weaves in a beautiful story telling technique through which the narrator effortlessly floats between the real and the make belief, holding the audience spellbound. It is unique in the way in which traditional artistes capture the infinite and inexplicable through very simple gestures and words.Our choreography seeks to communicate these myriad qualities.

Concept &Choreography: Sharmila Biswas
Music Composition: Srijan Chatterjee with Dukhishyam Tripathy
Rhythm Composition: Bijaya Kumar Barik
Research Guides: Prahlad Baral, Dhanurdhar Reddy
Script: Sharmila Biswas Co-developed with Shuktara Lal
Lyrics: Tamonash Chakravarty, Dukhishyam Tripathy (adapted from the original verses)
Lights: Dinesh Poddar
Sound: Soumitra Das
Set: Nandagopal Jana
Venue Decoration: Neelay Sengupta
Dancers: Monami Nandi, Rohini Banerjee, Tri Paul, Krishnendu Saha, Riya Saha, Riti Majumdar, Debottama Sarkar & Sharmila Biswas