Kalasagara UK presents
Tat Tvam Asi
Oct 21 & 28, 2018 Freemont & NYC

August 27, 2018

Tat Tvam Asi is a thematic Bharatanatyam production featuring 10 dancers from across the United States. This production is choreographed by Usha Raghavan, renowned Bharatanatyam artiste from the UK - and describes the life of Swami Chinmayananda and the birth of the Chinmaya Mission - a spiritual movement that aims for inner growth at the individual and collective level. After its global premiere in London, the show now comes to the US!

First performance:
Fremont, California, on Sunday, October 21st, at Ohlone College (Jackson Theater) at 3pm

Second performance:
Manhattan on Sunday, October 28th, at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center at 4pm

Tickets: $25 Early Bird; $30 Regular, $35 at the door.
Tickets for Fremont show on October 21: http://bit.ly/tattvamasica
Tickets for Manhattan show on October 28: http://bit.ly/tattvamasinyc
Tickets: http://www.usharaghavan.com/events.html
Or email: ttadancetickets@gmail.com