Natya & STEM Dance Kampni premiere
Kalpa Vriksha
September 9, 2018 Bangalore

August 30, 2018

‘KalpaVriksha’ is a choreographic response to the illustrious artist S.G. Vasudev's prodigious receptacle of imagery. ‘Vriksha’ and ‘Rhapsody’ make up this Dance Dyad.

This work doesn't merely excogitate a visual trajectory but is a composite transcreation where movement textures, a sense of drama, poetry and soundscapes merge into a unique choreographic canvas.

The tree of life, ‘Vriksha’ is a ubiquitous  presence in Vasudev’s work. Karnataka’s poet laureate  Da Ra Bendre’s poem "Kalpa Vriksha Vrindavanam" had a cathartic effect on him way back in 1974 and became a theme that recurs as a leitmotif  in his work till today.

In the production too, we find ourselves in Bendre’s mystical grove, facing the Kalpa Vriksha, seemingly immutable but creating an eco system where ...He, she,  them as Maithuna, fantastical creatures, forest nymphs, children, lamenting partners, ...all co-exist with undercurrents of love, seduction, loss, fecundity, barrenness, nostalgia, words and silence.

The second part is a pure dance exploration of the series ‘Rhapsody.’

Choreographed by Madhu Nataraj and performed by her Natya & STEM Dance Kampni’s internationally travelled dancers, utilising motifs of their signature Indian contemporary aesthetic, Kathak and Hatha influence, this site specific work is set in the verdant outdoor spaces of the NGMA.

Choreography: Madhu Nataraj
Soundscape: Praveen D Rao
Costume: Raj Shroff/ Ravage
Translations: Basrur Subba Rao

Venue: NGMA, Palace Road, Bangalore
Time: 6.30pm